THM Walmart Meal Plan to Lose Weight and Save Money

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The THM Walmart Meal Plan that Saves Money and Stays On Plan

Looking for a THM Walmart Meal Plan to help you stya on plan, lose, weight, and save money? Check out this easy THM Walmart Menu that’s perfect for busy Trim Healthy Mamas!

Love me some Walmart Grocery Pick Up and I love losing weight with the Trim Healthy Mama diet.

Walmart has always been the easiest place for me to get on plan ingredients, even some of the specialty ones.

But as a busy mama of two little sticky-fingered princesses, it’s gotten a little tricky to read labels, pick out products, and keep all arms and legs inside the grocery cart at all times. Anyone else?

Voila! The THM Walmart Meal Plan was born…

And you can use it with Walmart grocery pick up. Stay on plan, lose weight, save time. Win-win-win. 🙂

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Ready for 5-Ingredient THM-Friendly Meals?

Want to make THM easier? This Slim & Speedy Menu has 3 days of 5-Ingredient Meals to help you fuel your body fast with slimming foods. (THM-friendly!)

4 Perks of a THM Walmart Meal Plan

1. Lose Weight

This THM Walmart Meal Plan follows the guidelines of the Trim Healthy Mama diet, which is weight loss friendly.

As written, this THM Walmart menu is designed to rev up your metabolism and help you lose weight.

If you’re also planning to feed these meals to growing kiddos or a spouse who’s not looking to lose weight, feel free to add additional sides to meals to make them crossovers.

New to the Trim Healthy Mama diet? Not sure what I’m talking about? I’ve got you covered with tons of details in this Quick Start Guide to THM (and my story of losing 20 pounds in 4 months while nursing).

2. Save Time

My favorite way to use this THM Walmart Meal Plan is by ordering the groceries with Walmart Grocery Pick Up.

Walmart Grocery Pick Up lets you order all your groceries online, gives you a set time to pick them up (you can come later that day if something pops up, which is totally normal with small kids), and the groceries get brought right to your trunk.

Your favorite, most frequently ordered items can be tagged so that you can quickly reorder your essentials.

You can try Walmart Grocery Pickup and save $10 off your first order here.

3. Save Money

There are 3 easy ways that Walmart Grocery Pick Up can save you money:

  1. You can see the running total of your grocery bill as you shop online. It’s easy to see what fits in your budget and if you should buy HaloTop ice cream this week or wait until next week when the budget has more wiggle room.
  2. Avoid impulse buys! You’re not walking past clever end cap sales or a new bag of Lily’s chocolate to tempt you to go over your grocery budget.
  3. Upgrades with substitutes. With Grocery Pickup, if that store doesn’t have exactly what you ordered, they’ll upgrade the size or brand for that item. Yay for walnuts and broccoli for days!

4. Avoid Temptation

You’ve got this THM Walmart Meal Plan to keep you on plan and out of temptation’s way since you know exactly what you’ll be eating this week.

And if you use the grocery pickup, you won’t even be tempted by those Snickers in the check out aisle (but you’re totally welcome to add Pay Off Day Candies from the THM Cookbook to your menu for the week ;).

THM Walmart Meal Plan

THM Walmart Menu Note about Chicken:

You’ll need a rotisserie chicken or to cook up a whole chicken for this THM Walmart Meal Plan:

  • A whole, already cooked chicken (or more if your family is larger) is used in 3 places this week
  • I have not been able to add a rotisserie chicken to my Walmart Grocery Pick Up order; you can try calling them ahead of time to ask to add it to your order or run into the store when you get there
  • Consider saving the bones and make speedy Bone Broth in the Instant Pot; use broth for bedtime snack to help you sleep or in the Lentil Soup


Breakfast– Scrambled eggs with gouda cheese over sauted veggies (THM S)

Lunch- Methylating Lentil Soup (THM E)

Dinner- Tilapia Tacos (THM S)- feel free to trade the squash for zucchini or a mixture of both; top with yummy S toppings like cheese, sour cream, and guacamole or avocado


BreakfastOvernight Stuffed French Toast (THM E)

Lunch- Large Salad with dark meat from rotisserie chicken (or wings on the side) with lots of S toppings- a sprinkle of nuts, cheese, S dressing, crumble cheese Whisps crackers in place of croutons (THM S)

Dinner- Trim Healthy Mama Dirt-E Rice (THM E) added chopped kale to the recipe or a side salad with plenty of veggies and small amount of dressing (make it an E); make double the rice and save for Thursday night


Breakfast- Keto Pumpkin Cake (can double the recipe if desired; THM S)

Lunch- Sandwich and snacks (THM E):

Ready for 5-Ingredient THM-Friendly Meals?

Want to make THM easier? This Slim & Speedy Menu has 3 days of 5-Ingredient Meals to help you fuel your body fast with slimming foods. (THM-friendly!)

  • Lean deli meat on toasted sprouted or sourdough bread with lettuce and Light Laughing Cow cheese
  • veggies
  • Oikos 000 yogurt or low fat cottage cheese
  • berries or 1 small piece of fruit

Dinner- Pasta Night Options (make the one that works best for you):


BreakfastPumpkin Baked Oatmeal and Greek yogurt (I add stevia and vanilla extract to mine) (THM E)

Lunch- Low Carb Wrap and sides (THM S):

  • Deli meat and cheese rolled up in a low carb wrap or Joseph’s pita/lavash bread
  • Cheddar Whisps cheese crackers if desired
  • salad with S toppings
  • 1-2 squares dark chocolate with a smear of natural peanut butter

Dinner- Chicken Fried Rice (I add extra veggies) or Chicken Friend Double Rice (from Trim Healthy Table); use rotisserie chicken and leftover rice (THM E)


BreakfastHealthy Pancakes topped with berries and Greek yogurt (make a double batch and save half for tomorrow); turkey bacon, coffee with your favorite E or FP creamer (ideas here if needed) (THM E)

Lunch- leftover Lentil soup, Wasa crackers with Light Laughing Cow cheese, cucumbers (THM E)

Dinner BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza and side salad; use rotisserie chicken (THM S)


Breakfast- Healthy McGriddles (THM E)

Lunch- Brad’s Favorite Chili (THM S); may wish to double recipe to have enough for 1/4-1/2 serving per person for lunch tomorrow

Dinner- Burger Night (THM S or XO):

  • Walmart’s Angus Beef Burgers with your favorite toppings (we love sharp cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and ranch) and wrapped in Romaine lettuce leaves
  • Green Fries (from THM Cookbook for a THM S) or Sweet Potato Fries (for a THM XO)
  • Side salad with S toppings (cheese, bacon bits, ranch dressing or olive oil and vinegar)


BreakfastPumpkin Oatmeal Cookies and Greek yogurt (THM E)

Lunch- Chili Dogs and veggies (THM S)

  • Dice all-beef, nitrate-free hotdogs into a pan, saute
  • Add leftover chili, stir to warm up
  • Stuff into Joseph’s pitas or a low carb wrap, top with cheddar cheese and sour cream
  • Serve with a side of celery sticks and ranch

Dinner- THM E

  • Baked Tilapia
  • Baked sweet potatoes- I top mine with a small amount of butter and cinnamon
  • Roasted summer squash (spray your pan with coconut cooking spray and don’t use any oil or cheese on the squash, just garlic, salt, and Italian spices)

THM Walmart Meal Plan Snacks and Desserts:

S Options:

  • 85% dark chocolate with peanut butter
  • easy peanut butter fudge
  • veggies and ranch dip
  • nuts and a handful of berries
  • any S muffin or cake recipe from the THM cookbooks (I make the Magic Salted Caramel Cupcakes and Lemon Trimtastic Cake a lot)

E Options:

  • cheese stick and fruit
  • lean deli meat and fruit
  • cottage cheese and pineapple chunks
  • low fat popcorn and cheese stick
  • Oikos 000 yogurt and Bare Apple Chips
  • Bust a Myth Banana cake from THM Cookbook

FP Options:

  • HaloTop ice cream (keep to 1-2 servings a month per Pearl’s recommendations)
  • Cottage Berry Whip

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The THM Walmart Meal Plan that Saves Money and Stays On Plan

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