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You’re ready to break up with Coffeemate and go full-THM on your coffee… but what should you use? Check out these easy, tasty options to recreate a THM coffee creamer and THM-ify your every day coffee.

Fun, coffee-house style drinks are a delightful treat, but sometimes a Trim Healthy Mama just needs a regular, go-to 6am coffee drink.

You want it to give you the deliciousness of the bad-for-you coffee creamers but also the healthy, weight-loss-friendly benefits of staying on plan with THM.

And some days, you just want to pour it into your cup and stir with a spoon. No blender required.

I hear ya!

Much as I LOVE the THM trimmacinno, it’s not my go-to, early morning coffee drink. You need to find your version of a THM coffee creamer.

I, too, was all about the bad-for-ya, super-tasty, super-easy supermarket coffee creamers before I discovered THM and lost the baby weight in just 4 months while nursing.

So, I turned to some of my THM blogging buddies, and they shared some of their favorite ways to drink their daily coffee on the THM plan, plus some fancy, delicious treats when you’re in the mood to step up your coffee game.

I’ve also compiled a HUGE list of ways that other THMs sweetener their daily coffee, plus a giant list of THM coffee creamers that you can make a big batch of and simply pour into your coffee every day.

Just starting THM or curious what yummy foods you get to eat and still lose weight? Check out this super easy 1 week THM-friendly menu:

How THM Bloggers Make Coffee On Their THM Diet

Rachel from Country Girl Cookin uses 2 Tbl of collagen (awesome for creating creamy coffee plus healing the gut and reducing wrinkles), a squirt of Sweetleaf Sweet Drops, and a splash of heavy cream (THM S) or half and half.

When she’s in the mood for yummy, coffeehouse style coffee, she makes this amazing Sweet Cinnamon Latte. It’s so delicious, and it can be a THM S or Fuel Pull!

Briana, the ice cream queen from Briana-Thomas.com, is not usually a coffee drinker, but she uses THM stevia to sweeten her morning vanilla chai or Earl Gray tea.

She also has an amazing recipe for Refrigerator Iced Coffee that’s full of creamy goodness and a great way to use up leftover coffee. It’s a delicious Fuel Pull, and her husband’s personal fav.

Back when she drank coffee, Dawn from Oh Sweet Mercy used half and half and stevia to make the perfect cup. She has since switched to Dandy Blend, a liver-friendly blend of roasted dandelion root, chicory, and more that tastes similar to coffee without the caffeine.

For a coffeehouse style treat, she makes this amazing Salted Caramel Frappe, including instructions on how to make it like your friendly neighborhood Starbucks barista would. She even makes it with Dandy Blend now for a caffeine-free treat.

Glenda from Around the Family Table makes this yummy Cold-Brew Coffee all summer long, and it can be a THM S or FP.

For a refreshing coffee treat, you’ll love her Mint Chocolate Iced Latte.

How I Drink Coffee on the THM plan

I’ve been a Trim Healthy Mama for over 5 years now, and my tastes have changed throughout the journey.

Early on, I preferred things with extra flavor (to mimic those flavored creamers) and now I like simple spices mixes, THM stevia, and half and half or cream. I often drink coffee with some collagen (for protein) and cream early in the morning before breakfast to have enough time to avoid a crossover.

Here’s my personal favorites:

  1. Half and half, pumpkin pie spice, ginger and THM stevia
  2. Salted Caramel MCT Oil powder
  3. Sweetleaf Sweet Drops and collagen

Additional THM Coffee Cream Alternatives:

Here’s a bunch of other ideas from fellow Trim Healthy Mamas:

THM Coffee Creamers (that you can make at home)

Looking for a coffee creamer recipe that you can whip up in a big batch and then simply pour in your coffee cup every morning?

And, you can store it in your own cute little creamer containers.

Check out these delicious options, especially all the yummy flavor combos:

THM Coffee Creamer and Coffee On the THM Diet

It might take some experimenting to find your favorite version of THM coffee creamer, but I know that you can find something that delights your taste buds.

Keep in mind that your taste buds themselves may change along your sugar-free THM journey, so you may want to try some things again after a few months.

If stevia is a challenge for you in your morning coffee, consider using monk fruit or erythritol instead.

And soon I know that you’ll find your favorite, easy version of coffee on THM diet.

How do you like your coffee best on the THM plan? Have you tried any of these options?

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