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THM S Meals are a much-loved part of the Trim Healthy Mama diet plan. You mean we get to eat cheese, cake, steak, and bacon, and still lose weight? Yes, please!

But do you sometimes get stuck in a rut and make the same THM S meals over and over? Have I got a treat for you (literally, because there’s a ton of yummy desserts here)!

This is Part Two of my Favorite Foods From Fantastic THM Bloggers series. I asked my THM blogging buddies to share the most popular recipes from their blogs, and you’re going to love these amazing THM S meals.

Join thousands of Trim Healthy Mamas who are slimming down and filling up with these delicious THM S Meals. You can find the rest of the series here:

New to THM? Check out tips for getting started and my THM story of losing 20 pounds in 4 months while nursing a new baby!

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Why Your Body Needs Healthy Fats

As an integrative medicine physician assistant, I just have to share why your body needs some healthy fats to function at its best.

Including healthy fats in your diet is important for energy production and supporting cellular growth. They also help your body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K). They enable you to produce a variety of important hormones, and healthy fats can keep you warm and pad your organs.

Healthy fats can even lower “bad” (LDL and VLDL) cholesterol, help you burn excess body fat, and aid with healthy skin and nails.

They can even stimulate brain cell growth while improving memory and mood! They can protect against dementia, and total cholesterol levels less than 140 have been correlated with a higher risk of developing dementia.

Don’t Forget To Balance Fats and Carbs!

Just a quick note– don’t forget to get at least 5 THM E meals a week! E meals are focused on lean protein and blood-sugar friendly complex carbohydrates.

E’s are important for your adrenal glands, thyroid, energy levels, and long-term weight loss success. You can read more about their benefits HERE and HERE.

If you only eat THM S meals, you are essentially following the Keto Diet. If you’re tempted to do this, please consider reading about these Negatives of the Ketogenic Diet that You Need to Know.

What Are THM S Meals?

The Trim Healthy Mama Plan books explain it best. “S” stands for satisfying, and it’s a meal where you get to savor some healthy fats.

To really understand THM S meals, look into:

You’ll need to read the book for all the details, but we start an S meal with a source of good protein.

You add to it healthy fats, which really add fantastic flavor and fill you up. There’s no specific limit to the fat grams for an S meal, but fats are higher in calories so please be careful about going overboard.

Pair with nonstarchy vegetables and keep the net carb count to approximately 10 grams or less.

Most of these recipes have no special ingredients. But if you’re looking to save on special ingredients, I often use Amazon gift cards earned free from Swagbucks to purchase a few of the specialty items.

I also recently restocked my THM pantry by using Thrive Market and their 25% off coupon (I got almond flour, coconut flour, Swerve, Sweet Drops to flavor and sweeten my coffee, cheese whisp crackers, and more for under $40). Get an extra 25% OFF your first order when you sign up at Thrive Market HERE!

THM S Main Dishes

Darcie’s Dish serves up this amazing Jalapeno Chicken Bacon Chowder that’s comfort food at its finest. You can adjust the heat to your own taste buds, and bacon just makes everything better in this creamy medley of flavors.

Low Carb Single-Serve Lasagna in a Bowl from Briana Thomas is the perfect way to fill up on lasagna flavors without filling you out. It’s so fast and easy that it will become your new lunchtime BFF.

Professional chef TJ of TJ’s Taste pulls out all the stops with this Easy Beef Burgundy, that has complex flavors but is so easy to make. You can make it all in just one pot, and it’s impressive enough to serve to company.

My Healthy Journey For Life created this amazing, easy Super Simple Pad Thai that serves up all the flavors of Pad Thai with super-slimming konjac noodles.

Low Carb Chicken Enchilada Skillet from Nana’s Little Kitchen is sure to be a crowd-pleaser in your home with its creamy, cheesy, Southwestern flavors in a low carb crust.

This Creamy Ranch Crockpot Chicken from An Ordinary Housewife is easy crockpot comfort food. You can serve it over mashed cauliflower, zucchini noodles, or Dreamfield’s pasta, or just enjoy its yumminess as is with other S sides.

Cheesy Salsa Chicken With Cauli Rice from Protecting Your Pennies is covered in a creamy salsa verde cheese sauce and comes together in less than 30 minutes!

THM S meals are so good for comfort food! An Ordinary Housewife delivers with this Gluten Free Beef Stroganoff that’s perfect on top of spaghetti squash or Dreamfield’s pasta (just be sure to keep Dreamfield’s to once a week and assess your own reaction to it).

This single serve BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza will satisfy all of your BBQ chicken pizza cravings with this fantastic sugar free BBQ sauce.

THM S Meals

THM S Side Dishes and Snacks

Rachel from Country Girl Cookin has developed these amazing Everything Cheese Fat Bombs that have a magical combination of a cheese ball and everything bagels, minus the carbs of the bagel! I’m always looking for someplace new to use my Everything Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s, and these are fantastic!

People will be shocked that we THM’ers can eat Bacon Onion Rings With Adobo Aioli from TJ’s Taste and still lose weight! You’ll love this sweet onion, salty bacon, spicy sauce combo, and you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to make.

This Squash Casserole from An Ordinary Housewife is a delicious way to get your non starchy veggies in with your S dinner. It’s also perfect for holidays and potlucks.

We absolutely love this 5 Layer Mexican Dip (and all the low carb “chip” options!). Be careful– you’ll be tempted to eat the whole bowl!

THM S Sweet Treats

These low carb Souffle Pancakes from Yellow Glass Dish are decadent, dessert-style pancake that pair perfectly with delicious toppings.

This Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Pie from Country Girl Cookin is minty, chocolate-y, and even has a secret serving of veggies that you’ll never suspect as you savor this yumminess!

Creamy Vanilla Custard Shake from Wonderfully Made & Dearly Loved is an amazing Deep S recipe of creamy frozen custard flavors. You’ll love the protein from raw or cooked eggs, and be sure to check out all of the other yummy flavor combinations!

Love Starbucks Lemon Loaf? Then this Sugar Free Copycat Starbucks Lemon Loaf is for you! It’s even better a day or two after you make it, so it’s the perfect, make-ahead treat.

Lemon Cheesecake Mousse from Around The Family Table is full of refreshing lemon-y flavor and light cheesecake mousse. It’s ideal for a summer dessert.

Marshmallow whipped cream, fudge-y sauce, and chocolate-y mocha goodness come together this delicious S’mores Mocha shake from TJ’s Taste.

Classic angel food cake with strawberries gets an amazing THM makeover in this mouth-watering Angel Food Strawberry Dessert from Around The Family Table.

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake from Wonderfully Made & Dearly Loved is the perfect, moist cake for special occasions. It tastes better than those old, sugar-stuffed boxes of cake mix, and it’s even packed with super foods to keep your family healthy.

We really can have it all as Trim Healthy Mamas! This amazing Vanilla Pound Cake from My Healthy Journey For Life tastes just like its sugar-laden, white-flour look-alike, but with slimming flours and sweeteners. You can have your *pound* cake and eat it, too!

Favorite Foods From Fantastic THM Bloggers Series

Hope that you love these best-loved THM S Meals from your favorite THM bloggers. Check out the rest of the series here:

Have you tried these recipes before? Which ones are your favorites? I’d love to hear in the comments!

More Easy THM Resources

For even more fun stuff, check out all my THM resources to keep you happily and easily on plan. There’s a giant list of speedy S meals, easy E meals, my secret weapon for staying on plan, and a reusable one week menu tailored to you!

Resources That I Love

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