10 Keto Chaffles- Healthy Waffle Recipes that Are Kind to Your Waist

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Looking for the perfect healthy waffle recipe? Even better if it’s low carb and keto friendly? I gotchya covered with these 10 mouth-watering, decadent Chaffle recipes that’ll make your taste buds sing while helping you slide into your skinny jeans with ease!

Waffles don’t have to hit the curb when you’re eating a healthy diet. You just need the perfect healthy waffle recipe to keep you slim and satisfied. Enter- the perfect chaffle recipe!

Chaffles (crispy, keto, healthy waffle recipes) are taking the diet world by storm! There have been chaffle recipe pictures flooding Facebook feeds and Pinterest home pages. These 10 healthy waffle recipes will get you jumping on the chaffle bandwagon and taking the chaffle recipe by the reins!

The basic chaffle recipe features just cheese and eggs cooked up in a waffle iron to bring you low carb breakfast bliss, and here’s 10 decadent, diet-friendly variations to celebrate your morning meal.

Can Waffles Be Healthy?

In general, regular waffles tend to be loaded with things that aren’t great for your health. As an integrative medicine physician assistant, I gotta take a minute and unpack this.

White flour and sugar are high in calories and low in vitamins and nutrients. They tend to increase inflammation in the body, spike blood sugar levels, feed cancer and viruses, and may contribute to premature aging, weight gain, and low energy levels.

A chaffle recipe is a low carb, high protein alternative that can offer a healthy waffle recipe alternative. While calorically dense, it is gentle on blood sugar levels, full of protein, and works will with low carb diets.

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Chaffles for Trim Healthy Mama Notes

If you follow the Trim Healthy Mama diet (it involves carb cycling– your adrenals and thyroid will thank you!), it’s best to approach delicious Chaffles with a little word of caution. As an integrative medicine physician assistant, I just have to take a minute to share this!

These can be a delightful addition to your celebration days, but chaffles tend to be high in calories (some recipes include 1/2 cup to 1 full cup of cheese per serving). That’s awesome for a holiday, but probably not best for every hectic Monday morning drive to work.

You can check out the full warning from Pearl, one of the founders of THM here.

For a lighter alternative, check out this amazing recipe for “Cheezles” from Krista, one of the main THM admins and social media directors.

She has a TON of delicious variations that use THM Baking Blend— it’s lighter in calories and great for every day use. And both Chezzles and Chaffles go great with this blood-sugar friendly syrup.

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Healthy Waffle Tools- For the Perfect Chaffle Creation

Mini waffle irons can be perfect for this. I’ve heard that the Dash Mini Waffle Maker is one of the best.

If you’re looking to make super-easy and healthy breakfast sandwiches, all-in-one waffle and egg cookers can create the perfect breakfast sandwich

10 Celebration Keto Chaffle Recipes

Classic Chaffles

Top: Basic Chaffles Recipe (3 cheese options)
Bottom Left: Keto Chaffle Breakfast Sandwich
Bottom Right: Crispy Chaffle Recipe

Starting with a classic chaffle is a great way to dive into the world of healthy waffle recipes.

These Basic Chaffle Recipes from Natural Deets will help you fall in love with the versitale chaffle, and includes a comparison of chaffles made from mozarella, cheddar, and dairy-free cheeses to help you pick the perfect chaffle for you.

Simply Yummy Keto has a fantastic, crispy Chaffle recipe, plus 6 scrumptious suggestions for chaffle toppings (avocado chaffle, anyone?) and sandwich combos.

You’ll love the classic bacon, egg, and cheesy waffle Keto Chaffle Breakfast Sandwich from Green and Keto. It comes together faster than you can go through the drive thru, making this yummy breakfast sandwich a healthy alternative that’s perfect for busy mornings.

Sweet Chaffles

Top: Baked Chaffle French Toast Sticks
Bottom Left: Cinnamon Apple Chaffle
Bottom Right: Oreo Cookie Chaffle

This Cinnamon Apple Chaffle from Simply Yummy Keto is a heavenly mixture of low carb apple pie and ice cream. Topping in a drool-worthy, low carb vanilla bean sauce, you’ll love that you can have your “pie” and eat it, too. (For my Trim Healthy Mamas, apples technically fall into the E category, so you may want to count this as an S Helper– totally worth it!)

Seriously, can the low carb world get any better? An Oreo cookie healthy waffle recipe? Yes, please! The Oreo Cookie Chaffle from Low Carb Spark features low carb, sugar-free chocolate-y goodness with a decadent drizzle that’s like the creamy center of an oreo.

Baked Chaffle French Toast Sticks from Officially Gluten Free are a tasty and easy way to get scrumptious, low carb French toast. The easy-to-make chaffles meet egg and cinnamon-sweeteness and then get baked to crispy perfection in this amazing brunch recipe. Bonus– they freezer beautifully to make ahead for busy mornings!

The Chocolate Chip Chaffle from Low Carb Spark will revive childhood memories of chocolate chip pancakes and treat your sweet tooth without packing on the pounds. You’ll definitely want to make the optional chocolate sauce to drizzle on top!

Savory Chaffles

Top: Keto Pizza Chaffles
Bottom Left: Spinach and Ricotta Chaffle
Bottom Right: Keto Chaffle Recipe

Looking for a fast and easy low carb lunch? You need these delicious Keto Pizza Chaffles from Green and Keto! In less than 10 minutes, you can have an amazing low carb pizza on a savory, Italian-inspired chaffle.

This Keto Chaffle recipe from Oh So Foodie features the savory combo of cheddar and chives to delight your taste buds. Make a true foodie adventure by topping it with cream cheese and a sprinkle of chili flakes or as the base for a BLT!

The Spinach and Ricotta Chaffle from Low Carb Spark highlights the flavors of ricotta, Parmesan, mozzarella, and garlic in this savory chaffle.

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Celebrate Breakfast with Healthy Waffle Recipes

This collection of 10 healthy waffle recipes are perfect for celebrating healthy eating without sacrificing taste or your waist.

Looking for more speedy recipes? Here’s my giant list of fast meals for:

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10 Amazing Healthy Waffle Recipes That You Need To Make Today

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