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Is there a Trim Healthy Mama in your life with a special event coming up? Are you a THM, and Mother’s Day or your birthday is just around the corner? I’ve collected a list of my favorite, on plan Trim Healthy Mama gift ideas to help you celebrate and keep you on plan.

Feel free to pass this link along to family and friends so that they know just what to get you! And I’d love to hear your favorite, on plan gift ideas in the comments! What other things would a Trim, Healthy Mama enjoy as a gift?

Trim Healthy Mama Cookbooks

The Official Trim Healthy Mama Cookbooks

THM has two official cookbooks, the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook and Trim Healthy Table, and they’re full of delicious, slimming recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Personally, I think that Trim Healthy Table is a little prettier, and I love how it looks sitting on my kitchen table!

Trim Healthy Mama Compatible Cookbooks

Briana Thomas is a THM ice cream queen, and she has a fabulous cookbook called Necessary Food with great desserts and meals to enhance your THM menus.

The Food For Life cookbook is full of delicious recipes from Mennonite families that play well with the THM lifestyle. These recipes will make your whole family want to gather round the table and slim down.

A Better Weigh to Healthy cookbook is THM-friendly and over 400 pages of delicious recipes. It comes with the added bonus that many recipes are gluten and dairy free. Perfect for Mamas with allergies or dietary restrictions!

Feast by Gwen Brown is a beautiful addition to your THM cookbook library. There’s only 28 recipes, but they’re prefect for keeping you on plan during special celebration days and holidays throughout the year. And pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

A Pretty Cookbook Stand

This cookbook stand is the perfect thing for displaying (and cooking from) those lovely recipe books listed above! Added bonus for the butterfly logo! 🙂

Get a Cookbook Spiral-Bound

Many Trim Healthy Mamas find that it can be tough to keep their books open while cooking up one of the recipes. Consider taking one of the books to Staples or another print and copy store to see if you can get the book spiral bound. It makes it much easier to turn the pages and keep your place in a recipe.

Trim Healthy Mama Site Membership

This is such a fun gift for a Trim Healthy Mama! You get access to hundreds of on plan recipes, videos, and a bunch of tailored on-plan menus. You even get 10% off items in their THM store (which for me usually covers the cost of shipping– woohoo!).

And the best part?

You can create your own menus with the recipes provided, and it’ll generate your own personalized shopping list!! Love how easy this makes it to stay on plan!

You can sign up for 3, 6, or 12 month memberships on the THM site here.

Muffin In a Mug Supplies

Mmmmm… Muffin in a mug (MIM for short) is my go-to on busy days! You just mix a handful of ingredients in a pretty mug, microwave it, and– voila!– a sweet treat is ready without a sink full of dirty dishes!

These items will make your MIM treats even easier and faster to make!

The Mug

Lol, of course, the mama needs a gorgeous, big mug for these treats! This one is microwave and dishwasher safe (for all my drive thru Sues out there!).

Mini Spatulas:

Okay, these are pretty much the cutest lil spatulas ever! These little guys are perfect for mixing up treats in a mug, and the colors just make me happy!

Mini Whisks:

These mini whisks can get those hard-to-combine recipes ready in a jiffy!

Silicone Muffin Cups:

Silicon muffin cups are great for making single serve cupcakes out of your MIM recipes. The muffin/cupcake slides right out without sticking to the sides!

Books to Support Your Healthy Journey

One Hundred Days of Inspiration will do just that– keep you inspired for 100 days with stories and prespectives from three different generations! It’s by the authors of THM, their mama, and Pearl’s oldest daughter.

Made to Crave is perfect for renewing your mind with the things of God and creating a healthy relationship with food. It’s a great book to help you on your journey!

A New Belt

Haha, okay, so this one is mostly a joke. But THM has been known to knock your socks off and shrink you right out of the pants you’re in!

A mini shopping spree might be a great gift; like, think gifts cards to your favorite store!

Also, if you’re in between sizes or on your way to your goal weight and don’t want to invest in a new wardrobe, consider a pretty new scarf, some jewelry, or a fun new flowery cardigan!

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Specialty Supplies

Of course, THM specialty items are a fun gift that will keep on giving as you cook up a storm in the kitchen and keep losing weight!

My favorite THM supplies to get for Christmas, my b-day, or Mother’s Day include collagen, MCT oil, protein powder, Zevia soda, and Bai drinks. Yum!

A Coffee Basket

Grab a cute basket and load it up with on plan coffee supplies for a fun and caffeinated gift idea!

A Handheld Coffee Frother

This nifty little handheld coffee frother will blend up your Trimmacino in a jiffy! There’s no need to pull out your giant blender for your yummy morning beverage. Check out the first THM cookbook for the recipe!

Flavored Stevia

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops are some of my favorite ways to sweeten and flavor my morning java with a one-two punch in the tastebuds.

Flavored Creamer

Finding an on plan, pre-made coffee creamer can be a chore! Nutpods are on plan and taste delicious!

Recipes for on Plan Creamers

Write out some favorite recipes on pretty recipe cards for making your own on plan creamer. Here’s some delicious options:

A Bag of Quality Coffee

A bag of your favorite coffee is a perfect addition to an on plan coffee basket. Casi Cielo (almost heaven in Spanish) is one of my favorites– I love the mysterious dark flavor notes!

Trimmacino Coffee Supplies

MCT oil, sunflower lecithin, and THM stevia live in my little coffee niche in the kitchen. Having everything in a handy little basket makes it so much easier to use every day.

Chocolate Making Supplies

Round up some tasty and adorable supplies for a make-your-own chocolate basket! It’s sure to make any Trim Healthy Mama swoon!

Coconut Oil

Be sure to include some refined coconut oil to make the classic THM skinny chocolate without a coconutty flavor.

Unsweetened Baking Chocolate

Lol, of course, unsweetened cocoa is an essential ingredient. 🙂

Cute Candy Molds

Cute chocolate molds are a fun addition, and you can pick out a favorite shape or character to add to the fun of eating your yummy treats.

Sweetener of Choice

Pick out your trim healthy mama’s favorite sweetener to complete the collection!

Kitchen Gadgets

There are so many great appliances that can make cooking healthy easier and tastier.

Instant Pot

An Instant Pot is amazing!!! I got mine for Christmas (haha, see it makes a great gift!), and it’s been a dinner saver. It can do so many things, including act as a pressure cooker, make perfectly cooked rice, yogurt maker, and crockpot.

I use it all the time for making dinner in a jiffy. You can even put frozen meat in it and have a wonderful, juicy dinner in less than 40 minutes!

Air Fryer

The air fryer is a handy device that will help you to recreate all the flavor of your favorite fried foods without all the fat!

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Trim Healthy Mama Gift Ideas

The Trim Healthy Mama in your life is sure to feel spoiled and stay on plan with these genius gift ideas!

What’s your favorite on plan gift that you’ve received or want to receive?

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