Top Tips for Toddlers at Christmas

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Top Tips for Toddlers at Christmas

Christmas is such a fun and exciting season, especially with a little one around! But, when that sweet, energetic, bundle of energy and excitement is yours, sometimes you just need a dollop of silent night and peace on earth, or at least peace in your living room.

These 4 top tips keep Christmas fun for toddlers and can keep the peace around your Christmas tree. They are kid-tested in my house and definitely mom-approved!

  1. Hands-On Santas


These little ornaments are so much fun to make and give! Not only do you get a great keepsake of their little hand print to treasure for years to come, but your child will get some fun, inexpensive play dough to enjoy while you’re working on the grown-up side of this craft, the baking and painting. And for us, this craft was completely free! We already had the ingredients to make the salt dough, and we had a bunch of leftover paints just waiting to be used.

We had friends over to join us in making this craft, and we had a great mom chat time while the ornaments baked! Bonus mom chat time! Check out this site for all the details.

2. How to Look at the Big Tree

pexels-photo-192542Toddlers are a curious bunch, and they love to explore things with all their senses— touching, smelling, examining closely, and even sometimes still put things in their mouths! This little tip has been wildly success for us in letting our little girl enjoy and examine the big Christmas tree without breaking ornaments or yanking everything off the tree. Here it is:

Toddles can look/examine the big tree with their hands behind their back!

Voila! This lets the littles get really close to the tree and learn all about it without the risk of breaking ornaments/ hurting themselves/ pulling the tree down on top of themselves. Our little lady loved getting to see everything, and she remembered between last year (she was 21 months) and this year that this is the “proper” way to look at trees.

It took a few days to train her in this method, and lots of encouragement and showing her how to put her little paws behind her, but we’ve been really pleased with the results! I also put noisy ornaments (like a bell) on the bottom branches last year, so even if I couldn’t see her, I could tell if she was touching stuff while we were working on this technique.

Bonus: This works well for us in stores, too!

3. Have Their Own Interactive Felt Tree

FeltChristmasTree16 copy

My toddler absolutely loved this, and for this not-super-crafty-momma, mine turned out really cute! It cost less than $5 at Walmart for supplies, as most of my ornaments and lights came from little squares of $.25 felt. The toddler loved playing with this, and I loved that it kept her busy and out of the big tree! We used painter’s tape to attach it to the back of our front door just a few feet away from our real tree in the entry way.

Check out the awesome tutorial here.

4. Have Their Own “Big” Tree


My mother-in-law gift us with a toddler-sized “big” tree this year, and my two-year-old loves it! It’s about 6 inches taller than she is, so it feels big to her, and it’s covered in shatter-proof ornaments and plastic snowflakes. The ornaments have pipe cleaners to hold them up instead of conventional, dangerous metal hooks, and they’re easy for her little hands to manipulate. We kept the large plastic container that the ornaments came in for storage, and she’s allowed to remove and decorate this tree to her heart’s content.

What are your favorite toddler-friendly Christmas tips?

Top Tips for Toddlers at Christmas

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