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Summer is just around the corner! With the arrival of summer comes vacations, beach time, and… the summer traffic slump! And the fact that Pinterest just changed their algorithm yet again certainly doesn’t help anything. But don’t sweat it! These tips can help you to increase your blog traffic during this time of the year.

It’s normal to have some dips or lulls in traffic during the summer. People are on vacation, outside, and sunburned. But there’s definitely work that you can do to improve your blog traffic!

These tips and tricks will help you to focus on the right things during the summer months so that you’re grounded and ready for fall in the fast lane. You’re going to try new stuff, check into summer school, and have a blast!

So, grab an iced coffee, your blog post idea notebook, and get ready for your blog’s best summer yet!

Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

1. Stop Looking at Google Analytics Every 2 Seconds

Seriously, stop.

This one is the hardest for me! On good days or bad, I feel like if I keep tabs on my blog every second that maybe I can somehow make a difference in those stats. Umm, no.

What’s going to make a much better difference is putting your head down and going to work.

Create some fab new content. Make a new pin or two for every post, and do some A/B testing on relevant boards. Refresh old content with new affiliate links.

Since I struggle with this one terribly, I’m working hard at focusing on the next big thing. And often, I have to open a new browser with just my current task set up. No Facebook, no GA, no email inbox staring back at me.

I’m also using Rosemarie Groner’s amazing time blocking schedule to boost my productivity through the roof! With a 3 year old and a 3 month old to care for, I need all the productivity help that I can get! Check out her amazing time block schedule— she used this exact strategy to grow her blog to make a full time income in just 10 months in 10 hours a week!

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2. Go to Summer School

Summer is a fantastic time to dive into some great courses and summer reading! Consider it your time to go to Summer School for your blog.

Pick a course or two, focus on the content, and experiment with their methods. Write down your stats from today, try some new methods, and keep track of the results. See what works for you, and let me know how things go!

These are courses that I’ve recently taken or are working on this summer! I’ll update it at the end of summer and let you know how things go!

Blog By Number

If you haven’t started your blog yet or just launched, Blog by Number is my all-time FAV! The instructor, Suzi Whitford is like having your own BFF sit down and help you start your blog. She’ll cheer you on, teach you the ropes, and get you off to a great start! From setting up your blog (with a free theme) to bringing in traffic to making some money, Suzi will steer you in the right direction!

This is available as both a course and ebook or just the ebook by itself. Both are fantastic, and I found the course especially helpful. She has a bunch of videos that will walk you through things step by step.

Also, if you haven’t started your blog yet, please consider being self hosted with Free sites through blogger or are difficult to monetize (if you’re interested in making money with your blog). Also, you don’t actually own your site, so it faces the risk of being shut down unexpectedly.

Getting a self hosted blog is a great start for blogging success. Personally, I like hosting through SiteGround. Their customer service is speedy and fantastic! Most plans are about the same price for hosting when you look at the big hosting providers, like Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator, etc, but many are owned by the same big conglomerate company, EIG. They tend to have an iffy reputation for customer service. SiteGround is not owned by EIG, and they’re great to work with! Check out more here to host your blog with SiteGround!

Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell

Pinteresting Strategies is like the Holy Grail of Pinterest books! It’s jam-packed with actionable Pinterest tips and ideas to sky rocket your traffic through manual pinning. Carly went from 0 to 200,000 pageviews a month with this easy to implement plan!

I’ve heard a TON of great testimonials about this book, and I absolutely love it to help increase blog traffic with Pinterest!

One of my blogging buddies just got it 3 weeks ago. She diligently put in the work that Carly suggests, and for the first few days nothing happened. Like, nothing. Cyberspace crickets.

Two weeks later, she went from 18 pageviews a day to 1300!!!!! This book is the bomb!

Even better, you don’t have to pay for a scheduling service (like BoardBooster or Tailwind) to schedule your pins! There are so many things that you could spend money on for your blog, so it’s nice to not have another monthly expense. If you’re a new blogger and you’re not making much income yet, it’s especially nice to not have to pay for a scheduling service!

Ready Set Blog For Traffic by Lena Gott

Lena is an amazing blogger! First, she has twin kiddos, and she’s grown amazing blogs at the same time!

She shares all her tips and tricks in Ready Set Blog for Traffic! She’ll help you get your site set up for success from the beginning. And by success, I mean traffic.

You might hear from other bloggers that traffic isn’t really that important. While that’s a nice thought, I think deep down we all really want traffic (see #1!). We don’t want our little blog babies sitting around online and being ignored. We want to help people, we want to connect with others, and we really would love our content to be seen. After all, that’s why you’re reading this post about how to increase blog traffic, right? πŸ™‚

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroder

Oooo, we’re bringing out the big guns with Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing! Michelle is your go-to source for affiliate marketing! She started a personal finance blog a few years ago and currently makes over $100,000 a month (yup, you read that right! over $100k/month) through affiliate marketing!

And she teaches you all her tips and techniques! There’s also an amazing and supportive Facebook group for students of her course.

The course includes some incredible bonuses, like Rosemarie Groner’s guide to Pinterest and phenomenal advice from an affiliate manager on how to get accepted to affiliate programs.

The Billionaire Blog Club

This is my new favorite resource! I had thought about signing up for Elite Blog Academy, but the high price tag (almost $900, whew!) and stories of the lack of interaction with the creator of the course concerned me.

Enter the Billionaire Blog Club, or BBC— an incredible resource and constant interaction with the creator, Paul. Paul is a wildly successful blogger who runs over 14 blogs across different niches! His club has a great, supportive community and LOADS of courses and challenges that you can take to take your blog to the next level. It’s an amazing resource full of tips to increase blog traffic.

One of my blogging buddies signed up last summer for the BBC. She implemented the BBC strategies, and within 4 months was making over $1000 a month from her blog. Her income and traffic have increased through the slow periods of spring, and she’s now making over $2500/month from her blog. She plans to quit her day job next month and blog full time!!!! Yay for the BBC!

BBC is only open a few times a year, but you can sign up for Paul’s fabulous FREE 12 day blogging bootcampΒ where he shares things that I haven’t heard anywhere else! Signing up for the freebie should also let you know when the Club is open for registration again.

3. Increase Blog Traffic By Guest Posting!

Who are some of the most popular bloggers in your niche? Reach out to them and pitch a guest post! Most will give you a bio section at the end of the article and let you backlink to your blog and amazing traffic. It’s a win for them and definitely a win for you to help increase blog traffic.

Always keep in mind what would benefit that blog’s audience. Research and write on a topic that would bless those readers, but be sure to put your unique spin on it. That can whet the readers’ appetite for more of your style and your helpful hits, leading to even more traffic, followers, and tribe-building for your brand!

Suzi has a fantastic, inexpensive course called Post By Number on creating quality, SEO-optimized posts. For the cost of just a couple of coffees, you get to learn all that great stuff andΒ have the opportunity to guest post on her blog or a community that she’s created just for mom bloggers.

4. Focus on Where Your Audience Is

Spend some time every few days really connecting with your audience. Where does your ideal Avatar hang out? Are they on Facebook? Is Instagram their jam?

Check in with them, and comment and respond as a friend.Β Offer you help with no strings attached 3-4 times for every link you share. Be sure that you’re helping and giving more than you’re link dropping.

My Trim Healthy Mama buddies are on Facebook in lots of THM groups. It’s fun to celebrate both the scale and nonscale victories with these ladies as they head to health (you can find out more about THM here πŸ™‚ ).

5. Try Something New

Specifically, look for ways to increase blog traffic with social media. Are you stuck in a Pinterest rut? Always on Instagram? Maybe it’s time to master a new one?

Have you checked out Vero? Are you using StumbleUpon? New venues may open up doors to introduce your amazing blog content to new readers.

6. Do Things That Aren’t Blogging!

Yes!! Go out and have some adventures! Do some wonderful, fun, summer-y things that get your mind off blogging and out there creating the life that you love!!

This is probably my favorite piece of advice, and its benefits are two-fold. First, it allows your mind to rest so that you can come back to blogging with fresh ideas! Second, it can provide some amazing stories that you can use to relate to your readers, which is especially helpful for the opening of blog posts and emailing subscribers!

Have some adventures–> be an interesting person–> write interesting, relatable content. Voila! You’re hot this summer!

Beat the Summer Slump!

You’ve got this, friend! I hope that you have an incredible summer working hard on your blog and playing around with new things. And hopefully you’ll learn a ton in “summer school” and make new friends investing in new social media.

What are you focusing on this summer? I’m diving deep into Pinterest and going to crank out some guest posts!

Let me know how your summer goes, and I’ll keep you posted on my summer, too!

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