Get Fit in Just 20 Minutes with the THM Workins Review

When Trim, Healthy Mama released their THM Workins exercise DVDs, I hesitated and held off from purchasing it for several months. I was intrigued with the idea of 20 minute work outs that could strengthen my core and be easily adapted to different stages of life (i.e., at the time we were hoping to get pregnant soon) and done in my jammies or barefoot, but I wasn’t sure that it was worth the expense. In addition to that, I have an extensive workout library of DVDs, most of which I don’t use.

THM Workins Review

I’m so glad that I finally took the plunge! In April, I bought the full package of workins with my monthly blow money and leftover birthday money. Totally worth it!

My Exercise Background/Level

I’ve been an avid exerciser for years, including running a marathon 8 years ago. I seem to only reach my dream body weight when I exercise intensely, and by intensely, I mean like 1-2 hours of exercise a day. Yikes! Momma ain’t got time for that anymore with a toddler at home and one on the way! The Trim, Healthy Mama eating plan has definitely helped my weight and size, but I struggled with the last 3-5 pounds and had one more pair of goal jeans waiting for me.

I love using exercise DVDs at home! A long, long time ago, I had a gym membership (and so did my sweetie, which is probably the only reason I used it ;), but that’s not really me. I am much more consistent when I can work out in the comfort of my own home, around my schedule, and without having to spend time commuting or putting on make up.

This past winter, I was working on becoming consistent with my workouts. I was aiming for 10-20 minutes of exercise a day, and I really like 10-Minute Solutions and Tracey Mallet dvds. They were fun and easy, but enter The Workins! They added some spice to my exercise life! Whew, and that got results!

My THM Workins Story and Routine

The Workins arrived two days before Easter, right along with out of town company for the holiday! We ate on plan that workin pic 2weekend (including quite a few crossovers– it was a holiday after all! :), and I started the Workins on Monday. Definitely plan to read the booklet and watch the intro DVD before starting the workouts! It’s got great information that will help you to get the most out of your sweat session.

To start, I went through all DVDs once on steady fit. It took a couple of weeks, since I felt better taking a day to recover in between workouts. I started to really feel the “secure” (the action they advise that tightens the transverse abdominis muscle and can help to heal diastasis recti) during the second week. It’s an incredible feeling like zipping up the abs and like wearing a belt that tightens your tummy. Awesome!

After the first two weeks, I revved it up to Thrill Fit, modifying the moves that seemed too challenging. I gradually worked up to five times a week and heavier weights. I rotate through all of the dvds to avoid boredom and to keep my body guessing. And, I felt amazing!

The Results

I’ve had neck pain and discomfort intermittently since college following a few whiplash injuries and then carrying way too many books in grad school. I feel like a wimp saying this, but for years, I’ve struggled carrying a gallon of milk in from the car while unloading groceries. It’s also made it very uncomfortable to use heavy weights, for every time I’d increase my upper body workouts, I’d end up with neck pain and tension headaches for days afterward. Amazingly, with the Workins, within 4 weeks I was able to comfortably carry in a gallon of milk with no neck discomfort at all! It’s funny to me, too, because the Workins seem to be very lower body intensive (ugh, lunges and clammies, anyone?!), but please rest assured that you’ll get a total body work out.

With the Workins and some slight tweaks in my diet, I hit my dream weight (I’m 5’6″ with a small frame, so it’s not a crazy low weight) in about 6 weeks. I went from an Old Navy size 4 to a size 2! I even fit comfortably in small clothes from H&M (haha, they definitely don’t do vanity sizing!). I wish that I had taken before and after pictures (if you get the Workins, please take pics!!!) but I didn’t. While I think part of why I didn’t was because I wasn’t really sure that it would work, I’m so glad to be proven wrong!

Also, I didn’t take pictures because I didn’t realize I was about to get pregnant with Little Blessing #2! So, these are the best photos that I have of my before and after… my current after pics look a little different at 15 weeks pregnant! 😉 Here’s the best that I could find for comparison pictures, and I’m not sure that you can tell a difference. One pants’ size and 3-5 pounds is not super-visible in pictures, and this dress is not the easiest to tell. But what you can’t see from pictures is how great I felt in the second compared to the first! So much energy!

Before Picture
After Picture

I struggled to have the energy to do the Workins my first trimester, but I’m easing back into it now. It really does help to do all the pregnancy modifications, even though technically I don’t have to do most of them until 20 weeks (at 20 weeks, the baby is large enough to really push on the vena cava- the big blood vessel that returns blood to your heart from your lower extremities– and you can feel quite ill and uncomfortable with certain movements during this time). Also, the Workins have helped to reduce bloating that is so common in early pregnancy. My goal is to do them 3-4 times a week for the rest of the pregnancy.

For a feminine, fit physique and that extra “umph” to get you to your goals, I definitely recommend the THM Workins dvds. For 20 minutes a day, a few times a week, I was shocked at what could be accomplished! And you can totally do it, too!

What’s your favorite work out routine? Are you a gym rat or an at home girl?

Have you tried the Workins yet? I’d love to hear your story in the comments! 

THM Workins Review

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    • Hi, Hayley! That would be amazing! I definitely think that you could do the Workins with friends if you have enough room in your exercise space for a few people. It doesn’t take up much space or equipment to do them, and I think it would be so much fun!

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