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A flash THM sale in the Trim Healthy Mama store is a great way to start a day! Score some THM favorites on sale today!

I love good, healthy products, don’t you? And more than that, I love getting my favorites on sale!

THM sale

You can consider this page your news flyer for THM sales. You can pin it or bookmark it for later to keep tabs on the sales. I’ll update it whenever a new flash THM sale in the Trim Health Mama store happens so that you don’t miss a thing!

Here’s my observations on THM sale cycles: THM seems to run a sale every 1-2 months, so if you missed this one, you might want to wait around for a few weeks until for your favorites to go on sale again! The bestselling items tend to go on sale more frequently.

Happy and healthly shopping to you in the Trim Healthy Mama store!!

Dates of Current THM Sale in the Trim Healthy Mama Store:

September 24-25, 2019 (while supplies last)

Items On Sale in the Trim Healthy Mama Store:

This wonderful sale is highlighting the new, Fuel Pull, THM Protein Bars!! Yay!

They were introduced last month and sold out in a flash (like by 6am the first day).

They’re back, and they’re limited to one 6-pack box per customer. Hopefully, everyone that wants one will get to try it this time. And if you’ve been in the THM Facebook groups this past month, you’ve seen all the posts about how much people love ’em!


Finding protein bars that are All-The-Way-On-Plan with no fillers or junk has been like the quest for the Holy Grail for us THMers. After a long journey, the THM sisters built their own factory and have made their own protein bars for us. Yay!

They’re perfect for a grab-and-go snack, and they’re a Fuel Pull. No pesky, weight-gaining, accidental crossovers for us!

Sale items tend to sell out quickly (especially the new protein bar!), so if you see a sale, you might want to act quickly!

This is also a Classics Sale– the sweeteners, baking blend, collagen, and whey protein are all on sale. It’s a great time to stock up in advance for holiday baking!

The Workins are also on sale. They’re an amazing workout program that builds pelvic floor strength, can help heal up diastasis recti, and helped me to go down a pants’ size when I was already at goal weight.

Stock up on these favorites and new items, which include:

Happy saving!

Resources That I Love

…to help you be healthy naturally:

  1. Supercharge Your Weight Loss- Need a little extra “oomph” to help you stay on plan? Several of my friends recently introduced me to HealthyWage.  If you’re losing weight well with THM or if financial rewards motivate you to stay on track, then HealthyWage is perfect for you! 
  2. Save on Healthy Meat– ButcherBox is my new favorite way to buy antibiotic free, grass fed beef, pork, and chicken! It’s cheaper than I can get it in the local stores, and it comes right to my door! Use the code AP10 to get $10 off your first box and FREE nitrate-free bacon!! 
  3. Get Healthy Foods for Less- Thrive Market is like the online Costco for healthy groceries, and they even have healthy meat and seafood. We love saving money with wholesale prices on healthy groceries and products that get sent right to our home! Get an extra 25% OFF your first order when you sign up at Thrive Market HERE!

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