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Super Easy THM Drive Thru Sue Menu

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Love Trim Healthy Mama but tired of all the meal planning, prep, and dishes? Never fear– check out this super easy Drive Thru Sue Menu that uses tons of already prepped foods to keep you on plan and out of the kitchen!

Hi, sweet THM friend!

We love THM, right? The before and after pictures are amazing! We want to be that success story.

But, our lives are SO busy. Whether we work super long shifts, are running the kids around to ballet/soccer/karate, or just plain hate cooking, sometimes you just want a quick menu plan with foods that you can heat and eat.

Looking for an easy way to get back on plan or simply stay on plan during a busy week?

I get you. When I started THM, I was working as a physician assistant doing 12 hour swing shifts (alternating between days and nights) in the busiest ER in my state. When I worked 3 or 4 shifts in a row, there wasn’t time for much cooking or meal prep in between.

So what’s a busy THM’er to do? This Drive Thru Sue menu!

There are more and more convenience or already prepped foods showing up in our grocery stores that are perfect for THM.

Use this simple menu to get you out of the kitchen, easily on plan with THM, and slipping into your skinny jeans without sucking in. Yay for a low cook/no-cook THM week!

Want to make this Drive Thru Sue menu even easier? Write it all down in my super simple, THM-friendly planner so that you don’t have to keep it all in your head and possibly forget what you ate when! No more accidental crossovers in your busy day!

Not sure what THM is? Check out all the details and my story of losing the baby weight while nursing!

Drive Thru Sue Menu Notes

1. There’s Not a Lot of Cooking

While I’m trying to go easy on the Frankenfoods (prepared foods that may contain fillers or non-purist ingredients that may stall weight loss if you eat too many of them), this is not a menu for cooking from scratch.

We are gonna use already prepped veggies and foods to keep you on plan without losing your cool.

Want even more help with your THM menu? Like just wish someone would tell you what to eat and exactly when to eat it? Plus, access to my THM-Friendly Resource Library (with a printable of this DTS menu + shopping list!).

This involves EASY cooking only once or twice a day, I would love for you to join my email list and grab this super easy, tell-ya-what-to-eat-and-when-to-eat-it menu here:

2. This Is Not My Most Frugal Menu

This is not my most budget-friendly way for doing THM. If you wanna see all the ways that I save money on the THM lifestyle, check out these 14 easy tips!

As written, this Drive Thru Sue Menu is meant to save you TIME!

Sometimes we have just a little more money than time, and that’s where we’re headed with this menu. I want to free you from all the meal planning and prep that can go along with THM to help you easily lose that weight and stay on plan without being chained to your oven.

You can always swap out any of these prepared items (like the frozen Zoodles) for make-your-own-at-home versions to save money. 🙂

3. Save Time and Money With Grocery Delivery

Get the most time saving out of this Drive Thru Sue Menu by having your groceries delivered right to your own home!

You might even save money and stay on plan easier because you’re not tempted to impulse buy bakery cookies at the front of the store or snag a PayDay in the checkout aisle. (oops, is that just me? 🙂

Lately, I’ve been using InstaCart to get groceries delivered right to my home (most of the time they’ll even bring them right into my kitchen). It costs a little more than if I had shopped for it myself, but they’ll go to Aldi for me.

In general, I usually save a ton on groceries at Aldi, so an InstaCart delivery from Aldi makes it about the normal price of shopping at a different store.

Try InstaCart for a couple of weeks and save $10 with my link.

This menu is written specifically with Walmart grocery pick up in mind. Pretty much all of the ingredients can be found at Walmart.

Save $10 off your first Walmart Grocery Pick Up Order here!

The only exception at my local Walmart is the Uncle Sam’s cereal— I’ve been getting that through Amazon lately because it seems to have disappeared from my local stores.

I LOVE getting THM-friendly stuff from Amazon cuz I use Amazon gift cards earned free from Swagbucks.

4. Trade Out Any Meal For Your Favorite

Got your own super easy, super speedy, Drive Thru Sue menu favorites?

Feel free to trade out any meals listed below for one of your family favorites (and tag me with a comment below– we’d love to know more!).

Related Post: Want another easy menu that you can customize and reuse every week? Check out this menu (I’ve been using it for over 6 months and it put THM on autopilot for me!).

THM Drive Thru Sue Menu

This menu is meant to be mix and match. Pick one breakfast, lunch, or dinner for each day, or repeat the meals that you really like.

Just remember to sneak at least 5 E meals in this week to keep your adrenal glands and thyroid happy and on your side in the weight loss fight!

Drive Thru Sue Menu Breakfasts-

  • E- Uncle Sam’s cereal with blueberries, coffee with collagen (I get hungry with just cereal alone so add the collagen to your coffee for extra filling power)
  • E- 2 slices sprouted toast with light smear of butter or coconut oil, cottage cheese with berries
  • E- 1/2 cup of old-fashioned oats (made with 1 cup of water, cooked in the microwave) with 1-2 Tbl of defatted peanut flour and a dash of on plan maple syrup, 1 slice sprouted toast
  • S- Stuff hard boiled eggs, sausage, cheese, salsa into a low carb wrap or pita
  • S- Low carb pita, stevia-sweetened ricotta cheese, and blueberries in a Joseph’s pita (I stick it in the toaster oven to warm up the ricotta and toast the pita- so good!)
  • S- THM cuffin mix (make a large batch in a cake so you can just cut off a piece)
  • S- Fried eggs with sauted veggies (easy, already prepped veggies are frozen onions and peppers, diced onions and peppers from the produce section of the store, or a handful of shredded kale) and sausage

Drive Thru Sue Menu Lunches-

  • E- Bag of salad, white meat from rotisserie chicken, black beans, plenty of salsa, handful of Baked Tostitos
  • E- Sandwich on sprouted bread- 2 slices bread, lean deli meat, lettuce, tomato, light laughing cow cheese wedge; 1 small piece of fruit; baby carrots and celery slices
  • S- Bag of salad, dark meat from the rotisserie chicken, low carb ranch, cheddar cheese, a spoonful of guacamole, a giant dash of salsa
  • S- Bag of salad, dark meat from rotisserie chicken, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Parmesan cheese, bacon bits, Whisps (on the salad as croutons or on the side)
  • S- Quick pizza- Joseph’s pita topped with sugar-free tomato sauce, cheese, and S pizza toppings (I like pepperoni and green peppers) baked in a toaster oven, raw non-starchy veggies
  • S- Real Good enchiladas and side salad with S toppings

There’s 6 quick lunch options listed above. Please feel free to repeat any lunches for Day 7, or you can grab lunch when you’re out and about.

I love getting a burger without a bun and using a Joseph’s pita or wrapping it in lettuce, then get a side salad for a lovely S.

The Teriyaki Bowl from Panada Express makes a great E. Get the teriyaki chicken with the sauce on the side (and throw it away– so much sugar in that!), and do half brown rice and half vegetables. You can add soy sauce (or coconut aminos from home) to add a bit of flavor to your dish.

Drive Thru Sue Menu Dinners-

Okay, friend, you’re gonna have to cook just a little bit with these dinners. But they should be super speedy– like, think Birds’ Eye skillet meal easy, but on plan and ready to strip weight from your thighs.

Each dinner is 10 minutes of active work or less with cooking. I hesitate to even call these recipes, but they’re a lot of my family’s go-to quick meals in a pickle.

Most of the dinner recipes serve 2-3 people, so please adjust as needed.

For example, a box of Dreamfields pasta makes 6 servings. I usually make half a box, which gives me dinner for myself, husband, and two small kids, plus an extra portion for my husband to take to work for lunch the next day (NOTE- reheating Dreamfields pasta may cause its lower carb coating to break down, which makes it not on plan; my lean, daily-exerciser hubby isn’t completely on plan and doesn’t mind).

If you are working swing shifts and not home for dinner, make a big dish of S eggplant lasagna and E Cowboy Grub before the week starts and simply reheat a portion while at work.

  • S- Chicken or Shrimp Alfredo Over Zoodles:
    • Saute Green Giant spiralized zucchini in butter or olive oil and garlic
    • Top with precooked chicken strips or precooked shrimp and low carb Alfredo sauce
    • Add a dash of Creole seasoning and bacon bits for extra flavor
  • S- Spaghetti Night-
    • Cook Dreamfield’s pasta in a pot (you can only have one serving a week)
    • In a sauce pot, cook ground beef, then add your favorite sugar-free spaghetti sauce and heat.
    • Top cooked pasta with meat sauce, and garnish with fresh Parmesan cheese to make it extra fancy.
  • E- Chicken and Sweet Potatoes- This dinner takes about 30 minutes to cook but about 3 minutes of prep time.
    • We’ll use frozen diced sweet potatoes (Walmart sells an organic one that’s really good). Spread out on a parchment-lined cookie sheet (for easy clean up), sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon and sugar-free brown sugar, then place in oven and turn on oven to 400 degrees.
    • Prep your chicken. Place skinless boneless chicken breast tenderloins on another cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and top with your favorite spices (we like a generous dash of Creole seasoning).
    • Place in oven and bake for 25-35 minutes or until chicken is cooked through and sweet potatoes are roasted (inside soft and outside crispy). Serve with an E side salad.
  • E- Speedy Chicken Fried Rice: Faster than getting Chinese take out!
    • Cook a frozen steamer package of peas and carrots in the microwave.
    • While that’s cooking, spray a large pan with coconut oil cooking spray and turn on heat to preheat pan. When pan is hot, add 1/4 cup egg whites and cook until fluffy.
    • Remove egg from pan, add precooked chicken strips, peas and carrots (we only use half a bag but put in as much as you like), and 2 teaspoons sesame oil to the pan. Cook 1-2 minutes to coat the veggies and warm up the chicken.
    • Add pre-cooked brown rice (like Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice- Whole Grain Brown Rice if you’re okay using it– there’s a little bit of off plan oil in it or make some minute rice), 2 Tbl water, and a few splashes of coconut aminos (or 2-3Tbl soy sauce) to the pan. Stir well to combine and cook until rice is heated.
    • Add cooked egg whites to the pan, stir to combine, and serve. Top with extra soy sauce and Everything Bagel Seasoning if desired.
  • S- Pizza- Real Good has an on plan frozen pizza option and they also have low carb frozen crusts if you’d rather top your own (they’re at Walmart)
  • S- Simple, Simply Amazing Pot Roast:
    • Line crockpot with disposable liner for easy clean up
    • Add roast, small handful of baby carrots, and sliced radishes (I can usually find sliced or matchstick radishes at Walmart in the produce section) to the pot
    • Sprinkle generously with garlic powder and a dash of mineral salt.
    • Cover and cook on high for 3-4 hours or low for 6-8 hours until roast is cooked through and falling apart.
    • Side dish option- we don’t love radishes so I go light on the radishes and use another side dish, like Hanover mashed cauliflower.
  • FP- Fish Tacos:
    • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
    • Line baking pan with parchment paper. Take defrosted tilapia and use kitchen scissors to cut into bite sized pieces, stick in pan.
    • Dice a zucchini and add to pan (we use 1/2 a zucchini per person; you might be able to sub frozen zucchini spirals but I would recommend cooking then first and draining off excess water)
    • Top generously with Creole seasoning and a dash of salt, mix spices in, then spread one layer deep across the pan.
    • Bake for 20-25 minutes until fish is a little crispy and zucchini is roasted and soft.
    • Place in large romaine lettuce leaves and top with salsa verde and Pepper Jack LLC cheese for a Fuel Pull. (sometimes we make these an S and add cheese, sour cream, and guacamole, too)

Drive Thru Sue Menu Snacks-

Want a bigger list? Check out all my DTS Snack Suggestions here.

  • E- apple with a cheese stick
  • E- 2-4 Wasa crackers and Light Laughing Cow Cheese, baby carrots
  • E- cottage cheese and canned pineapples (rinse and drain pineapples)
  • S- celery slices with natural peanut butter
  • S- Whisps cheese crackers and strawberries
  • S- Cashews and blueberries (get the individual snack packs if you need it for portion control- this can been super helpful for me! And keep the berries to a minimum to stay in S zone)
  • FP- lean deli meat wrapped around pickles or pickled okra

If you think the snack is enough food and protein to fill you up but you’re worried you’ll still be hungry before the 2-3 hours is up and it’s time for your next meal, try adding an on plan sipper drink.

Want a drink packet to just add in (so you don’t even have to mix up some GGMS)? The new THM Hydrates or True Lemon drink mixes are considered on plan.

Drive Thru Sue Menu Desserts-

  • S- dark chocolate with peanut butter
  • S- some Bake Believe chocolate chips
  • S- chocolate covered strawberries topped with melted Lily’s or Bake Believe chips
  • S- This super easy, 3 ingredient peanut butter fudge (just microwave and stir!)
  • S- 5 Ingredient Cheesecakes from Briana Thomas (this one takes a little bit of cooking, but it’s worth it! I’ve been known to make it in the toaster oven)
  • E- Single Serve Peach Crisp from My Montana Kitchen
  • FP- Halo Top ice cream (stick to 1 serving 1-2 times a month)
  • FP- Strawberries and FF Redi-Whip

Stay On Plan With Your Drive Thru Sue Menu

What are your favorite DTS meals and menus to help you stay on plan?

Looking for more THM resources? Check out these:

Resources That I Love

…to help you be healthy naturally:

  1. Supercharge Your Weight Loss- Need a little extra “oomph” to help you stay on plan? Several of my friends recently introduced me to HealthyWage.  If you’re losing weight well with THM or if financial rewards motivate you to stay on track, then HealthyWage is perfect for you! 
  2. Save on Healthy Meat– ButcherBox is my new favorite way to buy antibiotic free, grass fed beef, pork, and chicken! It’s cheaper than I can get it in the local stores, and it comes right to my door! Use the code AP10 to get $10 off your first box and FREE nitrate-free bacon!! 
  3. Get Super Foods in Super Fun Flavors-  Perfect Keto makes great super food products like collagen and MCT Oil powder in fun flavors like salted caramel and chocolate. Plus, they make travel-size collagen packets! Perfect for revving up your metabolism, and save 15% with code EARLY15 on all Perfect Keto individual products.

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Super Easy THM Drive Thru Sue Menu

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  1. did you make a printable shopping list/menu for this? I know it says its meant to be mix and match so I wasnt sure.

    1. Hi, Tiffany!
      I did end up making a printable menu and shopping list. 🙂 It’s in my THM-Friendly Resource Library (you’ll get emailed the password if you’ve signed up for my newsletter). Or I’d be happy to email it to you if you’d like. 🙂

  2. Wow! Thank you so much. I love all these suggestions/options. Thanks for taking time to write this all out.

    I’m glad you’re all okay. We had to evacuate on our vacation at Myrtle Beach last week. Hope your little one feels better soon.

    1. Hi, Debbie! I’m so glad that this is helpful! And sorry to hear that your vacation got cut short last week from the hurricane. Myrtle Beach is so fun! Hope that you made it home safely and still had a nice time off. Thanks for the kind wishes for my teething baby– we’re thankful for amber teething necklaces and Motrin (and coffee for mommy) these days! At least I get lots of baby snuggles. 🙂

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