The Magic of Early Mornings

The Magic of Getting Up Early

There’s one thing that has served as the catalyst to completely change my life for the better, and it can transform yours, too. When I look back, I still feel like I need to pinch myself– it’s that surreal.

In less than 4 months, I went from working a demanding job with a crazy schedule to my dream job– being a stay at home mom.

We went from having hardly any friends close by to living down the street from some besties.

We moved from a busy, urban area to my absolute favorite historic town by the beach.

My husband went from 50+ hour work weeks to half days on Friday, which makes every weekend feel like a mini-holiday.

We changed from crazy, hectic lives into having time to plug in and get involved with an amazing local church.

My husband went from a history of stress fractures and weight gain from a desk job to losing his spare tire and running a marathon.

I lost those “last five pounds” of stubborn weight, have been able to keep it off for over a year, and actually committed to a diet and exercise plan!

My faith has been strengthened through consistent quiet times of prayer, Bible reading, and learning to lean into God’s love, hope, and joy.

I went from just getting by to being on the path to my dream life. The great news is that you totally can, too! How did it happen?

The Miracle Morning Review

Getting up early has changed my life. I know that sounds really dramatic, but it’s true!

And there’s one book that started me on this journey to life change- The Miracle Morning. It’s a fantastic book by Hal Elrod that details the six steps that he believes are the most influential ways to start your day.

His life story is incredible with the obstacles that he’s overcome, including a head-on car accident that almost killed him, major financial issues and depression, and currently battling a rare form of lung cancer. The morning routine that he outlines in his book helped to pull him through those tough times and come out stronger and more productive on the other side.

Hal also looked at the lives of wildly successful people and noticed that many of them use these practices in their daily lives. He compiled them to make kinda a super-list of productivity practices that we can all use to enhance our own lives.

There’s Magic in the Morning

Getting up first thing in the morning (before the children and work and the demands of the day) offers you a rare, magical time.

The house is quiet, and your coffee is still warm.

There’s time to focus and set your plan for the day.

And, there’s an opportunity to grow before the distractions and obligations of the day start.

Putting the most important things in the day first ensures that your priorities get done before anything else. This will keep you growing, moving forward, and working towards your goals. It provides the structure to grow towards the goals that you want.

Random side bonus: I am a much happier mommy when I get up before my littles than when they function as my alarm clock! If I’m already up, I’m so excited to see them versus the grump hello that greets them when they wander into my room!

The easy to follow structure of the Miracle Morning is set up to help you love the life that you have while you create the one that you love. It’s based on the premise that you need to be the type of person that is successful to maintain high levels of success in your life. Because it focuses on 6 critical areas, it gives you a balanced way to accomplish the important things in your life while growing in the important relationships in your life and enjoying the journey.

Breakdown of the Book

Hal’s writing is super encouraging and full of practical steps that you can take immediately. He goes into detail on figuring out your motivation behind getting up early and points out that you need to be the type of person who can sustain success when you get there. He also gives practical tips to help you get up early.

For me, the main thing that makes it easy (well, easier) to get out of bed early is to have a big enough reason and a morning plan. If I spend just a few minutes the night before prepping my morning coffee, deciding what I want to work on in the morning, and remembering why I want to do it, then it’s a ton easier to get up.

6 Steps to a Magical Morning

Hal recommends focusing on these 6 things in the morning (and he’s got an easy SAVERS acronym to remember them, check out more in the book):

  1. Quiet- This time is intended for mediating and enjoying the quiet. I use it to mediate (sit and ponder) a Bible verse or two and sometimes to sit and pray quietly. It’s a great time to pause and be grateful for the day.
  2. Affirmations- This is a time to say positive statements. I was amazed at how well this worked in my life! I started with things like “I am a stay at home momma,” “I can obey the Lord,” “I am a trim healthy mama,” and “I can do all things through Jesus who gives me strength.” Saying those phrases out loud every morning and realizing that I could be and do those things was pivotal in changing my life. As I talked about being that type of person, my mind slowly started coming up with solutions throughout the day that helped me to become that person.
  3. Visualization- Picturing yourself being successful is a huge success practice of top athletes and performers. It lets your brain practice an activity and increases the chances of your real life following through.
  4. Work Out- Get your blood pumping and endorphins revving with a little exercise! Early mornings are a great time to get it done before excuses start popping up!
  5. Reading- Even if you only have time for a page or two, reading books that inspire you can give you new thoughts and ideas to put into practice throughout the day.
  6. Journaling- Documenting your hopes, dreams, and plans can keep you on track every day! I’ve used the journal that can accompany the book (loved it!) and am planning on trying a bullet journal this year!

Try It For Free!

If you want to test out the Miracle Morning, I love this YouTube video! It’ll take you through a quick, 6 minute version of the Miracle Morning. Of course, the book is better and will inspire you and give you more details.

But, if you want to try it out, I love this video! It also keeps me on track on those mornings when I don’t have as much time as I’d like to spend doing my Miracle Morning.

When I first started, I wasn’t sure about affirmations and visualization, but I think when I started to consider that those goals could actually happen, I began looking for ways to make them happen. When opportunities came up (like my husband taking a new job in my dream city by our favorite church by the beach), we were much more open to considering them. My thinking had changed so that it looked like an open door.

Modifications for Mommas of Littles

Some seasons of life make getting up early challenging, like pregnancy, toddlers, and newborn babies. The time amount spent doing TMM may change, but even fitting these practices in throughout the day can help. Sometimes mine happened a few moments during breakfast (lol, not the quiet portion) or in the early afternoon with naptime. I’ve even heard of one mom who stays up after her 4am infant feeding to do her SAVERS and then goes back to bed until the baby gets up again.

I started my Miracle Mornings while still working a crazy schedule of 12 hour swing shifts (alternating between nights and days) when my little one was 13 months old. Some days, it was tough to schedule in (especially after a night shift), but simply starting to implement it when I could made a huge difference.

When we moved, the layout of our new house sometimes made it tough to get up early and start coffee without waking my toddler up. I’ve heard several moms report that their little kids get up earlier when they get up earlier. For many, this gets better after a week or two as you (and your toddler) establish a new routine. But, you might have to get creative in how to get your morning magic in– things like staying in your room or going outside on a porch in good weather. One momma I know does hers in her walk in closet!

When my daughter turned two, we also had amazing success with an okay-to-wake light up alarm clock. We used this amazing clock and gradually changed the wake up time over the course of two weeks. She went from getting up at 4:30 or 5 to almost 7am in just 2 weeks!

Getting Up Early Can Be Magical

Getting up early has really been life changing for me! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Do you get up early? Do you routinely practice any of those 6 methods, and how have they helped you?

The Magic of Early Mornings


  • That book was one of the game changers for me too. Its all about the right mindset before going to bed.
    Now I love waking up when everyone else is still asleep. I can get 2h of writing done without distraction and my mind works wonder in the morning.
    Thanks for the great article and inspiration.

  • I love this! I just started getting up earlier, per my husbands request. And I’m actually loving it!! I enjoy my quiet time before the kids are up. It’s been a blessing in disguise.

    • That’s awesome (and way to be a great wife!)! My hubby is a morning person, too, and knowing it makes him happy has definitely made it easier for me, too.

  • I looove waking up before my kids just to have time to collect myself and take those first few sips of hot coffee in silence! I love this

  • I have never really been a morning person but I wish I was! My daughter truly is my alarm clock…which isn’t ideal! You make me want to try and get up a little earlier to enjoy a little quiet mommy time!

    • Yay– you can do this! It’s seriously so amazing, even if it’s just 5 or 10 minutes to drink coffee while it’s still warm. 🙂 I’m not naturally a morning person, either, so I was really surprised at how much of a difference it made in my life.

  • This is really interesting. I admit there is peace in the mornings, but my kids get up so early I don’t know if I can get up earlier than them lol. Maybe I’ll try with baby steps.

    • I hear you! Baby steps are a great place to start! And I really am such a happier mommy if I’m up before the littles. The 6 minute Miracle Morning video has been really helpful for me in this stage…and getting an okay-to-wake light up alarm clock for my toddler (she went from waking up at 5am to being able to stay happily in her bed until almost 7 in less than 2 weeks)! 🙂

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