Textbroker Review- Get Paid for Your Writing With No Prior Experience

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When we decided that I would quit my job and stay home with our toddler, it was both exhilarating and terrifying! It’s amazing to have the opportunity to be with my little girl all the time, get to watch her grow, and teach and train her day in and out. But, as a health care provider who worked part time, it was hard to see that extra income go.

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Since then, I’ve scoured Pinterest and my favorite websites looking for ideas that might work for me as a stay-at-home mom. I was really encouraged studying the amazing lady in Proverbs 31, and I was surprised to see how many income-producing activities she was a part of while still technically not working outside the home.

I love the idea of being able to help with family finances while still getting to stay home with my little ones. And a job that’s flexible so I can work around family time and nap schedules is key!

After looking at many options, last year I decided to try my hand at writing articles for Textbroker. I made over $3000 in 2017 working less than an hour a day during the week. That’s enough to pay for your family’s annual vacation or cover a really merry Christmas!

Here’s my thoughts and tips for getting started with writing for this content mill.

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1. Easy to start. 

Textbroker is easy to sign up with, and you get paid for what you write. These are my favorite aspects of this online job! When you first start with TB, you write a sample article, they rate it, and then you can start writing! The rating is two to five stars, and you get paid more per word if you have a higher star rating.

When I first started, I didn’t realize how important that initial writing sample was to my level of compensation! I definitely recommend that you take a minute, check your grammar, and make sure it looks great! They do periodically reevaluate your work and can change your rating, but it’s not fun to wait when you know that you could have done a better job up front.

If you’re a native English speaker, it’s pretty easy to get at least a 3-star rating. I really didn’t spend any time on my initial writing sample, and I was a 3-star author until I had written five or so orders. I’m stuck at a 4-star rating for now, and it’s okay.

2. Weekly pay.

I love that you know in advance how much you’ll get paid for each order, and you can request a pay-out every week. There are some content mills that pay much more per word, but you’re not always guaranteed that someone will buy your work. I like knowing that I’m writing something that someone has already requested and that I can get paid for it (usually the same week).

3. No prior experience needed.

I love to write, but before TB, I had never actually been paid to do so. Even though I’m selling the copyright to my text, it’s fun knowing that someone’s actually paying for my words.

4. It made me want to start a blog.

Writing consistently (and getting paid for it) made me want to start my own blog. I realized that I could be committed to writing frequently helped me to feel more confident when launching my own site.

Also, it made me excited to write on my blog, and instead of getting paid once by Textbroker for an article, I could get paid over and over for content on my own site.

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1. The pay.

This doesn’t pay super well. It would be hard to make this your full-time income as the pay is not much. It would take quite a time commitment to write enough to support everything that a family needs.

I did end up making for $3000 last year just writing during my daughter’s nap time.

However, I have found that it can bring in a steady stream of additional income that can cover things like my monthly grocery budget or Christmas presents. My husband often reminds me that I get to do that while staying home with our little ones and just working during nap time! Overall, it works for us.

2. Available work.

Sometimes it’s hard to find good work. Occasionally, the work available requires a good deal of time or research and does not compensate well. I’m not sure that this is a best work from home job out there, but it has been easy and actually pays you what it says it will.

Textbroker Tips

1. Join teams!

Get friendly, give them a writing sample, and apply to as many teams as you can!!! I ranked the teams by number of orders available to work on since many of the teams are old and inactive. I’m in about 35 teams, but only 15 regularly post work.

Also, consider applying to teams that feel a little outside of your comfort zone. I am in a cycling team (I’m not much of a cyclist, but my husband once thought about riding 100 miles– haha!), and this has been consistently a great group for me, providing me with $70 orders every 1-2 weeks. Most of the orders have been reviews of bikes or cycling related items on Amazon. I’m a shopper, so I can totally do that!

Recently, I joined 2 higher-paying teams, and the client seems to really like my writing style. This has turned into a dream scenario– they started giving my direct orders since my style is conducive to what they’re looking for. When I get a direct order, I don’t have to spend time looking for an order that I want to write, and I get paid a little more (see below).

2. Direct orders.

Direct orders are amazing!! When a client decides that they like your writing style, as seen in previously submitted articles or with writing samples that you’ve added to your profile, they can send you a direct order. Only you get to see this order, and it comes with a higher price tag!

There’s a set direct order price that’s already in place when you open your account. You can also adjust the price, which I would recommend. You may want to pay with it, too. I found that I was not getting any direct orders with a certain price, and that all changed when I lowered my price a touch. It’s still 2.5x higher than the open order price.

3. Be flexible.

Some days or weeks have lots of great orders available, and some days (or weeks, unfortunately) seem a bit barren. If you can, it’s good to be flexible with this.

It’s also good to be consistent and set aside time to write often if you’re counting on this income. However, I have found that I can make more in less time if I rearrange my schedule to write on the days when orders are more plentiful.

4. Grammar matters!

TB uses AP style grammar, which I had (and still have) to brush up on from time to time. Purdue Owl is my favorite online resource for this. I passed the proofreading test, and this is a fun, faster way to make some more money. The jobs don’t come up all that often (I usually get 2-3 a month), but it’s quick and easy!

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I’m not sure Textbroker is the best work from home job ever, but we’ve been really blessed by it! I’m glad that I tried it, and it’s nice to be able to bring in some income while still staying home with my family.

Have you tried Textbroker or another content mill or work from home job?

What was your experience? Any tips or recommendations for us?

Textbroker Review- Get Paid to Write with No Prior Experience

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