13 Effortless Ways to Save Money on Organic Groceries

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Struggling to afford organic food? Check out these 13 effortless ways to save money on organic groceries that you can start using today! Have a healthy body and bank account!

Everybody knows that organic groceries are better for your health than the regular pesticide-laden, genetically-modified non-organic food stuff floating around out there. In a perfect world where organic groceries cost the same as non organic ones, I’m sure that almost everyone would choose the organic groceries. But, organic groceries tend to be way more expensive. Let’s dive into ways that we can save money on organic groceries and get you better food for less!

Armed with these resources, you can have a healthier body and a happier wallet! Woot woot!

1. Stop Using Creamer

You’ve already invested in your favorite organic, fair-trade coffee and your favorite organic sweetener, and you head over to the dairy section. Is it just me, or does that organic coffee creamer cost an arm and a leg?!

Try this amazing trick– instead of creamer, add a dash or two of mineral salt to your coffee! Salt cuts the acidity and bitterness to create a smooth cup of coffee. After you’ve added sweetener, you won’t even miss your creamer!

2. Cut Back on Meat

Every one knows that meat, especially the grass-fed or free-range kind, can be pricey! Slash your organic grocery budget by going meatless once or twice a week! You can also use meat as a topping or side to some dishes to save money. You’ll get lots of great flavor with less cost!

Beans are an inexpensive, protein-packed alternative. And, they become a complete protein when paired with another healthy, inexpensive staple– brown rice. You can also make the meat go further by adding half a can of beans to a meaty dish like tacos. Chili is a great dinner option where you can load up on beans and slim down on meat.

This turkey chili is one of our favorites and tastes amazing with organic sweet potatoes!!

Eggs can also be cheaper than many cuts of meat, so omelet or frittata night should be on your menu! “Brinner” (breakfast for dinner) is a family favorite around here, and no one suspects that I’m saving a ton of money by having French toast for dinner!

3. Save On Meat

Want grass-fed beef, heritage pork, and free-range chicken for a great price?

ButcherBox is my new favorite way to buy antibiotic-free, grass-fed beef, pork, and chicken! It’s cheaper than I can get it in the local stores, and it comes right to my door! I’m pretty much obsessed!

You can sign up HERE and use the code AP10 to get $10 off your first box and FREE nitrate-free bacon!!  I can’t say no to free bacon!

4. Grow Your Own Veggies

One of the best ways to save on organic produce is to grow your own! Having an organic garden is an amazing way to know exactly what’s going on with your produce, and you can’t get it any fresher than picking your produce minutes before you meal!

Short on space or bad with gardening? Straw bale gardens are an incredible way to create a plush, healthy garden with hardly any space (and NO weeding!!!).

5. Find a CSA

CSA, or community supported agriculture, is a fantastic way to save on organic groceries and support your local farmers! Perfect for people (like me) who might not have a green thumb but still want to reap the rewards of a garden!

CSA programs are set up by the season, and you pay for the amount of produce that you want to receive on each pick up date. You get a selection of vegetables determined by the farmer and availability. As an added bonus, sometimes you’ll get to try produce that you wouldn’t normally buy! I love getting to try new things!

To find a CSA near you, check out: https://www.ams.usda.gov/local-food-directories/csas

6. Talk to the Store Manager and Buy a Case

This is one of my favorite tips, and I got it straight from a grocery store employee!! This tends to work better at an independent grocery store (not a big chain), but you can talk to the store manager and see if they’ll order you a case of organic goods for you.

Most grocery stores will give you a discount for buying an entire case, and you’ll be amazed at the mark up costs, which translates over to significant savings for you, usually over 25% off!

7. Pick Your Own

Picking your own fruit is a fantastic way to save money, especially if you freeze or can it for later! You’ll know that you’re getting your fruit at the peak of its season, which usually makes it more flavorful, and you can usually get it at half the cost (or less!) of grocery store prices!

Around here, we can pick blueberries, strawberries, apples, and peaches. Check around in your local area– you might even have more options than that!

8. Meal Plan Around Inexpensive Ingredients

Keeping the main focus of your meal on inexpensive organic ingredients can save you a bundle! Plan your meals around things like oats, brown rice, organic brown rice pasta, quinoa, salad greens, bananas, and more. Creating a meal plan with a backbone of less costly items will help you to naturally save when shopping.

If you find a great deal on something while at the store, don’t be afraid to store up and change your current week’s menu to take advantage of the great deal!

Recipes to try:

Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal

Sweet and Spicy Healthy Stir Fry 

9. Make or Bake your own

Making food from scratch is healthier for both you and your bank account! You’ll know everything that goes into your food, and you can save a bundle!

Ever notice how it’s hard to find organic bread for less than $4-5? Did you know that you can make your own at home for just $1-2 a loaf, and your home will smell amazing in the process!

You can even make your own yogurt quickly and easily at a fraction of the cost of store bought! An Instant Pot is an excellent tool for making your own yogurt (and it’s also great for getting dinner on the table in a hurry!).

10. Your Freezer Is Your New BFF

Your freezer can be a great tool in your organic grocery money saving kit! Buying frozen produce tends be cheaper than fresh, especially if you’re like me and you sometimes don’t get to your fresh produce before it starts to spoil. Organic produce doesn’t have the pesticides that non-organic does, so it may spoil quicker than its non-organic counterparts.

Another easy tip for salad greens is to eat them in a certain order. I try to eat the ones that don’t freeze well first (like romaine) and save the kale and spinach. If I can’t eat them fast enough, I just stick them in the freezer and use them in scrambled eggs and omelets.

11. Money Saving Apps

Money saving apps like Ibotta and Check Out 51 are FREE to join and perfect for helping you save money on organic groceries. Both programs let you save money on selected groceries each week, and you can stack those savings with both manufacturer’s coupons and store sales. The savings can be cashed out for gift cards or Paypal.

Check out Ibotta HERE and get $10 for FREE just for starting! 

12. Amazon

Did you know that you can get cheap organic food online? Amazon and its Subscribe & Save Program can be a fantastic way to save on organic groceries. With Subscribe & Save, you can save 5-15% off the price of coconut sugar, sweeteners, organic flour, and more!

If you haven’t tried Amazon Prime yet, check it out for FREE for 30 days with an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial! We love us some free 2 day shipping and Prime tv and movies!

You can even rack up FREE gift cards for Amazon with Swagbucks! It’s free to join, and you can earn gift cards through completing simple tasks. You can use their search engine. watch videos, answer surveys, or use coupons with your regular shopping to earn points. The points can add up to rewards, and Amazon gift cards are my preferred reward. I work on Swagbucks when we watch TV in the evenings, and I usually make $25-30 in gift cards a month.

 Get a FREE $3 Amazon gift card HERE just for signing up with Swagbucks! 

13. Consider Changing Your Sweetener.

Stevia and stevia/erythritol combos are much sweeter than just plain old sugar, and a little goes a looooong way, especially with a high-quality stevia. You save money because you need less of it to get your sweet treat. As a holistic healthcare provider, I want you to choose sweeteners that are good for your health, and stevia is very kind to blood sugar levels!

Hands down, Trim Healthy Mama makes the best stevia I’ve tried, and one little baggie lasts 6 months in my house (6 months of daily use in my coffee and homemade lemonade). You can grab yours HERE.

Coconut sugar is even cheaper than stevia, usually costing half the price. Coconut sugar is gentler on your blood sugar than regular organic sugar but not quite as gentle as stevia.

Save Money on Organic Groceries

You can afford organic food! These 13 tips will keep you saving money on organic groceries every day!

What else do you do to keep your food and bank balance healthy?

Want more money saving tips? Check out how I get clothes for FREE for my whole family!

Resources That I Love

…for a healthy body, soul, and bank account:

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  2. Supercharge Your Health and Wellness Goals- Getting healthy just got a TON easier with this amazing health and wellness planner! As a holistic healthcare provider, I’ve seen how my patients crush their health and weight loss goals when they have the right tools. Grab yours HERE! 
  3. Set Yourself Up For a Healthy Bank Account- Personal Capital is such an amazing resource! This FREE service lets you combine all of your banking accounts (including stuff like your mortgage and retirement accounts) so that you can keep tabs on your finances at a glance! Get a $20 Amazon gift card for trying it out for FREE here! 

Save Money on Organic Groceries


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