Quick Cold and Flu Herbal Remedies That Are Perfect For Busy Moms


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Ready to fight your cold symptoms with some cold and flu herbal remedies? Home remedies and suggestions from a healthcare provider (and fellow mama) to get you back on your feet fast.

Ugh– you know that feeling, right? That funny little tickle-y/scratch-y feeling in the back of your throat when you know that you’re starting to come down with something.

It’s the worst, right? You know that you’re starting to get sick, and it’s easy to feel powerless to stop it.

Or worse, you’re a few days into it, and your head aches, your throat yells at you every time you swallow, and your eyes are tearing up like you’re watching The Notebook when you’re really laying on the couch watching the Price Is Right.

You’re a busy mama, and you need to get back on your feet in a jiffy.

These easy, fast cold and flu herbal remedies are just what you need.

Before I morphed into my hardest job ever (mama of two little princesses/ninjas), I was an integrative medicine physician assistant.

Grab your mug for herbal tea, draw a bath after the kiddos go down for nap, and get ready to be on the road to recovery, Mama!

Want to know more easy, natural ways to improve your health every day? Check out these 5 easy things that take less than 5 minutes to support your health (as a PA, I actually do these things every day):

Clear Congestion Herbal Tea

herbal remedies for cold and flu

First up on the cold and flu herbal remedies is the Clear Congestion Herbal Tea.

Mullein is a fantastic herb that is often used for nasal congestion and cough. It works like an herbal version of Mucinex, and it calms a cough down and makes you cough stuff up and out.

I know that sounds gross, but sometimes you can feel better faster when you get the phlegm up and out.

Thyme essential oil is reputed to be good for calming down a cough. It may also have antimicrobial properties to help you get over the bugs faster.

NOTE: Please don’t take essential oils internally without discussing them with your healthcare provider and aromatherapist, to be sure that you’re using the right essential oils for you.

Honey is a great home remedy for colds and the flu. It has antimicrobial properties that can help to combat viruses and bacteria, and it naturally soothes the throat to suppress your cough reflex.

Honey can even help you to fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

Is it easier to buy it than make it at home (especially when you’re already sick and tired)? I love these Herbal Teas For Cough and Congestion:

Sinus Ease Bath Soak

cold and flu herbal remedies

Next up on the list of cold and flu herbal remedies is this amazing Sinus Ease Bath Salts.

My (totally not medical) husband is convinced that a hot bath fixes any ailment from “toe-itis” to the sniffles to a bump on the head.

Lol, for home remedies for cold and flu, he might actually be right!

Eucalyptus and peppermint oils are awesome for opening up the sinuses and getting you some relief from that pressure. They may help you to breathe deeper and work to clear your respiratory tract.

Lavendar is great for calming you down to get you ready to rest, plus calming down that crazy sinus ache.

The magnesium from the epsom salt may not do much for your cold, but it can help you to relax and make it easier for you to sleep… and sleep’s hard to come by when you’re sick.

Rather buy than make your own? These are perfect:

Cold Relief Essential Oil Steam

Cold and Flu Herbal Remedies

This is one of my favorite quick cold remedies. You’re essentially making your own personal essential diffuser and giving your system a quick boost of relief.

The steam itself can help to open up the sinuses and calm down your cough reflex.

The invigorating blend of eucalyptus and melaleuca tends to help people notice immediate improvement in cold symptoms. This combo is powerful for cold and flu herbal remedies.

Eucalyptus is fantastic for opening sinus passages and the respiratory tract. Most people feel like they can breathe deeper and easier after exposure to eucalyptus.

Melaleuca is also known as tea tree oil, and it’s a potent antimicrobial and antiseptic. It’s great for stopping viruses and bacteria in their tracks to help you get better fast.

Personally, I love the quality and purity of Rocky Mountain Oils. They send every batch of oil to a third party for purity testing and give you a code to check the results. It’s also not an MLM, which to me, makes it less pressure to order.

Want similar results but without mixing things up yourself? Check out:

Cold and Flu Herbal Remedies

These quick cold remedies use herbs and essential oils to get you back on your feet in a jiffy.

What are your favorite cold and flu herbal remedies?

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