My THM Fuel Cycle Day 7

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So excited to add fat back into my diet! It’s Day 7 of this THM Fuel Cycle, and that means a Deep S! Hooray!

If you’d like to do a longer Fuel Cycle, there is a two week option. If you’re continuing on for another week of metabolism-boosting, fat-shredding fuel cycling, please be sure to read your THM Plan Book, and switch out tonight’s Deep S dinner for an E one.


2-3 scrambled eggs over a bed of sauted spinach

1-2 slices of bacon

Trimmy Rich from the THM Cookbook (yay!! So glad to be able to use a full Tbl of MCT oil again!)


dark meat chicken and a cucumber


Large salad topped with purple peppers, spices, vinegar, olive oil, 1 Tbl freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and chicken

2-3 Buttermints (recipe in Day 2)


Wonder wrap (from THM cookbook) stuffed with dark meat and lettuce

1-2 cups bone broth


Bunless burger topped with bacon and wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves

Green Fries from the THM Cookbook, omit the cheese

Company Cauliflower, decrease the cheese to 1 Tbl fresh Parmesan


Skinny peanut butter treat- skinny chocolate recipe with peanut flour subbed for the cocoa (recipe in Day 1)

I’ll be posting the results of my fuel cycle tomorrow (Monday, 7/1) and will put together an easy, one page menu plan if you’d like to use this meal plan for your own fuel cycle.

Excited to get back to freestyling with THM, but I’m excited to check my results tomorrow from this Fuel Cycle!

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