My THM Fuel Cycle Day 5

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This is the part that makes me nervous… Fuel Pulls already tend to intimidate me a bit. I always wonder what’s left to eat when you pull out all the fuels?! But I’ve put some of my favorites on the menu for this day.

Y’all, it’s gonna be some good, filling food, and we’re gonna love being Trim Healthy Mamas! (lol, I needed to give myself that pep talk, hoping you needed it, too)

If you need a good FP coffee creamer, this one from TJ’s Taste is amazing, and there’s 20 different ways to flavor it!

Breakfast- 8am

lots of spinach, onions, and purple peppers sauted in 1/2 tsp coconut oil, then added 3 eggs whites to the pan and scrambled (seasoned with mineral salt, Creole seasoning, and nutritional yeast)

Trimmy light (reduced MCT oil to 1/2 tsp to stick within FP guidelines)

Snack- 10am

salted caramel gluccie pudding from the THM Cookbook — great flavor, kinda weird texture for this one. It was perfect for a Fuel Pull day, but I’m not sure how often I’ll make it in the future.

Lunch- 1pm

1-2 Bowls of Trim Train Taco Soup, Fuel Pull Version

Snack- 3:30pm

2 cups bone broth (here’s the recipe that I use and love)

a cucumber

1-2 Wasa crackers (read the label on the Wasa that you bought and sub for 1 brown rice cake if gluten free)

add a Fat Stripping Frappe from the THM Cookbook  if you need more tummy-filling goodness


Sweet Lime Taco Joes (FP version) from the Trim Healthy Table cookbook served on romaine lettuce boats

side salad dressed with 1 tsp olive oil, vinegar


Tummy tucking ice cream from the THM Cookbook 

Tomorrow’s another Fuel Pull day! We’re on the home stretch!

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