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Moving from Scattered to Super Motivated

It’s so easy to get off track with blogging.

There’s a million courses that we could take.

There’s a ton of things that feel like they need to be done (all at the same time) to keep the blog going.

And on top of that, we don’t want to neglect the wonderful people and prior commitments already in our lives.

Do you find yourself doing a little and then making excuses or getting distracted?

Ever notice that instead of blogging and doing it scared, you’re just scared and not doing it?

Do you need a push in your blogging life and want an amazing community to encourage you along the way?

You can rock this blogging thing! You CAN do this!!! And there’s help!

1. Finding Your Spark Workbook-

This workbook is all about finding your spark from deep within to move from scattered work habits to single-minded focus on your blog and business.

This spark will carry you through dark days, long nights, and bumps along the way.

The Workbook is full of things to motivate you, help you to prepare for surprises, and figure out how to make blogging work for you within your schedule.

All of it is designed to keep you super motivated to get your blog work done.

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2. One Month of Motivation-

Ready for a little more?

In addition to getting the Finding Your Spark Workbook, One Month of Motivation also gives you a printable daily work tracker and access to a private accountability group to keep you going strong all month long.

In the group, there are weekly goal-setting prompts, daily check-in’s and inspiration, several surprises throughout the month, and some serious accountability. I will personally check in on you if things get quiet. It’s a month of motivation to help you rock your blogging goals.

You can cry but you can’t quit!

It is recommended that you have at least 7-10 hours of time to devote to working on your blog during this month. You will be amazed at what you can get done in that time frame when you focus on your work and check in with friends.

To be able to create a close-knit community, this group will be restricted to 10-15 people.

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3. Personalized Attention-

Would some further direction be helpful? I would love to help you sort through the demands of your day to help you find and keep your blogging motivation!

I’m offering one-on-one coaching for one month. The first session consists of a 30 minute phone call, Skype session, or long email to create a blog schedule that you can stick to, tactics to handle surprises and interruptions, and how to work with your personality and blog schedule. On Weeks 2 and 3, we’ll check in for 15 minutes each week to monitor progress and make adjustments. Week 4 includes a 30 minute meeting to discuss how the month went and create a plan for moving forward.

With this package, the Finding Your Spark Workbook, Daily Tracker, and access to the accountability group are included.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I’m only able to take on 3 coaching clients right now.

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Meet Your Blogging Cheerleader

I’m Diane, and two months ago, I decided to stop making excuses for not consistently working on my blog, and I just started doing the work.

I committed to completing and implementing one course, creating at least 2 posts a week, and promoting on Pinterest.

No. Matter. What.

No matter that my little ones sometimes wake me up during the night. No matter how many urgent emails came up. No matter that my kiddo threw up all over me and the couch one morning (my first thought was actually “I’m so glad that I got up early and worked on my blog for 2 hours! Nothing else needs to get done today except caring for my babies.”)

And guess what? My blog traffic has quadrupled (from 5k pageviews a month to over 21k and my blog income has increased ten-fold!).

I want that (and more!) for you!!! I want to help you get to your No Matter What month.

In addition to being a blogger, I’m a physician assistant with 10 years of experience. In my professional role, I have worked extensively with patients who wanted to lose weight and use natural ways to get healthier. These areas of health are heavily reliant on motivation to make real changes to get actual results.

I want to use those motivational tools to help you grow your blog!

To be better able to serve you and focus on helping, size will be limited in for the Motivational Month and Private Coaching. If the “Buy Box” has been removed, than those options are full and unavailable at this time.

I’m putting the final touches on each product, and access will be granted on Friday, 6/14/19. You will be contacted by email on 6/14 with a link. If you would prefer to use a different email address than the one that you paid with, please send a message with both email address (the Paypal one and the one that you would prefer to use) to diane @ early2bedearly2rise . com (remove the spaces for the email address).

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