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Starting a new blog can be fun, exciting…. and utterly overwhelming, especially if you’re like me and not super tech-savvy. Other people’s clean and streamlined sites make it look so quick and easy, and then you get started and realize how much work goes into an awesome blog. And when you’re a mom of littles, some days it can seem downright impossible. Enter Suzi Whitford– the super sweet and genius creator behind and the Blog by Number course and ebook.

Blog by Number CourseShe’s your mom friend with a ton of blogging experience who can hold your hand and lead you through starting your very own spot in the blogosphere. Her advice is practical, realistic, and encouraging to help you bring your blog baby dreams to fruition.

And, she makes over $30,000 a month with her blog!

She’ll hold your hand and give you amazing advice to turn your blog into a success so that you can share your passion with the world. It’s as easy as those paint by number kits you did as a kid. You’ll learn how to set your blog up, bring traffic to your new site, build a following, and even earn an income if that’s your goal…

All with a clear plan of action that can work around your family life!

She gives you a great guideline for setting your blog up in just one month. I was an eager-beaver (and 8 months pregnant, so I was hustling before Lil Lady #2 arrived!), and her amazing advice helped me get my blog ready and running in less than 2 weeks.

1. It’s Practical

Suzi is a mom of a young, growing family. She just added a 3rd little sweetie to her fam, and she started her current blog 2 weeks before Baby #2 arrived. She’s busy and completely understands that you are, too. And one of my favorite parts about her course? She shows you exactly how to do it!

Her background is in Industrial Engineering and implementing systems to improve efficiency and workflow. She puts that knowledge to great use to teach you proven systems and methods for setting up a great blog. She also gives tips and schedules to keep you focused and moving forward on the important stuff for your new blog.

The Blog by Number ebook and course cover the technical aspect of setting up your blog with a free or paid theme. She gives tons of tips on writing stellar content and interesting blog headlines to keep readers on your site. It also goes into great detail on using Pinterest (and some suggestions for Facebook) to bring visitors to your new site.

There’s also info on ways to monetize your site. She even throws in a bunch of neat freebies that will make starting your blog easy and professional, including 20 stock photos, over 480 popular Pinterest groups that you can join to boost traffic (and posting guidelines), 20 free pins to recreate for Pinterest, and an amazing Google Docs workbook to document your blog plan and progress.

Also, the infographics are easy to follow, and they break things down into actionable steps. Truly, this guide will hold your hand through launching and growing an awesome blog.

2. It’s Realistic

It works… Seriously, it works.

I flew through the course when I first bought it since I was working under a Baby Due Date Tight Timeline. Every time I feel like I’m getting stuck on something, I go back to the course and realize that Suzi already covered it! Lol!

Added bonus: Suzi is updating the content in the next week or two, and since updates are free after you buy the course, I’ll go through it again and tweak the blog. At that time, the price will double, so you can save money if you act quickly and buy this week!

The ebook and course break down setting up an awesome blog into bite-sized pieces on a realistic timeline. You might need to hustle a bit, but the framework will keep you on track and from chasing after everything all at once.

I did struggle a little setting up my Pinterest profile originally– it took me an embarrassing amount of time to finally claim my website (finally just downloaded a plug in and it was done in like 10 seconds). I’m not very tech-savvy, and this course walked me through things again and again.

Side Note: Buying the Course + Ebook Vs Ebook Alone

When you’re first starting out with a new blog, cost can definitely be an issue. It was hard to justify buying a course when I had just spent money with hosting (I use Siteground and absolutely love them!), and clearly, I wasn’t making any money yet.

I’m also a bit of a course/ebook junkie and want to read and buy all the things. My husband, Mr. Saver, wanted me, Mrs. Spender, to really think about my purchase before buying, especially because I’m apt to buy all the things.

I seriously debated buying just the ebook instead of the Blog by Number ebook and course. First, I liked the financial savings aspect mentioned above. Second, I prefer books (especially real books, not ebooks) over videos. I tend to learn and retain info better when I can read it and process at my own speed.

Because blogging is so technical and requires a degree of computer know-how (or at least, you ought to start to learn it), I did spring for the course and the ebook. And I am so incredibly glad that I did.

The course and videos have been so helpful! Many of them I’ve watched 3 or 4 times to really let the info soak in or to fine tune my blog. It’s also been a great way to learn while nursing a hungry newborn. 😉

3. It’s Encouraging

Suzi and her sweet little girls will encourage you along the way! She makes everything look easy, and I would have totally been overwhelmed and wasted time without this road map.

Suzi is easy to relate to, and her Facebook group is an awesome place to find support and help for your new little blog. She’s quick to respond and help with anything that you need.

Plus, everything she makes is super cute and girlie. I know that it’s superficial, but I totally learn better and pay attention more when things are cute! 🙂 I’m planning on printing out the ebook soon and keeping it as an adorable reference manual.

Final Thoughts on My Blog by Number Review

The cost of this course was very reasonable compared to a bunch of other courses that I looked at. I love having a roadmap for new business ventures, and this course and ebook definitely delivered.

Before buying the Blog by Number course, I purchased another popular course on a specific aspect of blogging and paid a good deal more for it. I was surprised at how skimpy that course was, especially compared to Blog by Number.

Blog by Number delivers a ton of information, guidance, and encouragement. It’s a lot of bang for your blogging buck compared to a lot of other options out there. If you have any specific questions about it, please let me know!

Additional info:

Suzi just released another amazing course, and this one is super inexpensive– just the cost of a couple of drinks from Starbucks! How great is that?!

It’s called Post by Number, and it’s an easy to follow formula to write a great blog post every time! Taking that course also gives you the opportunity to guest post for her new online community to significantly increase your reach as a brand new blogger.

Suzi’s courses and resources give you the skills and exposure you need to make a great start as a new blogger!

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