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Amazon Trim Healthy Mama essentials can be a THM’er’s BFF. From books to special ingredients, Amazon has got you covered! And, as a frugal mama with 4 years on the Trim Healthy Mama plan, I’ve compiled a huge list of ways to get free stuff from Amazon so that I’m not spending money out of pocket on THM special ingredients.

Amazon can be a fantastic resource for Trim Healthy Mamas, especially if finding on plan ingredients in your local store is a challenge. Even more than that, shopping online in my pjs and having things delivered right to my front door (with free 2-day shipping– yay for Amazon Prime) is so convenient. And what’s even better than that? Getting it all for free!

I love being on plan with THM, but it can get expensive! The THM products are high quality and I love them, but they can come with a price tag that really stretch the grocery budget. Enter the Amazon Trim Healthy Mama Store!

On top of that, THM shipping can be quite pricey and take a while. Especially when I compare it to free, two day shipping with Amazon Prime since I already have a Prime membership.

Update– The Trim Healthy Mama Store has done a fantastic job at bringing down the cost of shipping! I do order from the actual store occasionally now… but I really really like to get things for free, so I still get items through Amazon, too.

If you haven’t tried Amazon Prime yet, test drive it for FREE for 30 days here!! Your wallet will be glad you did!

We’ve been Prime members for forever and absolutely love it! You get free 2 day shipping and soooo much more– free music, free streaming videos, free baby box if you start a new baby registry!

Swagbucks has been the most lucrative way for me to earn free Amazon giftcards!  Sign up HERE to get started with Swagbucks and get a $5 Amazon gift card right away

To get the absolute best prices on Amazon, consider using Honey. Honey is a FREE little program that will help you to save money shopping online while you generate free Amazon gift cards!

Honey looks for coupons for you when you’re on Amazon, and automatically tells you which seller has the lowest price for the item that you want. It factors the cost of shipping into the equation, too, so that you’re getting the best price even with Amazon Prime.

You can also activate Honey on other purchases and accumulate Honey Gold Bonus points. For every 1000 points, you can redeem a FREE $10 Amazon gift card!

Sign up for Honey for free HERE!

After almost 4 years on plan with THM, let me show you my Amazon THM shopping list… and how I’ve figured out to do it for free!

And if you haven’t read the THM Books yet, Amazon is a great place to get ’em! You might be able to get them for less if you don’t mind a used copy or snag the best price with Honey. The books are:

The Trim Healthy Mama Plan book

The first THM Cookbook (I use this one the most)

The second THM Cookbook (has an awesome, condensed version of the plan and super pretty and tasty recipes)

The original, ginormous book (this one actually my personal fav- I love all the research and science-y stuff in it!)

1. Peach Oolong Tea

This peach oolong tea is so delicious, and oolong tea whips your metabolism into a fat-burning frenzy! This peach flavor has a lovely, aromatic quality, and I don’t even need to use a sweetener when I drink it hot.

It’s also perfect for making peach iced tea or a peach Good Girl Moonshine on a hot summer day!

2. Collagen For Amazing Skin (and more)

O, Collagen, how I love thee!

Collagen is amazing because it has the potential to improve skin elasticity, boost the integrity of blood vessels, and regenerate cartilage. That’s healthcare provider talk for it may reduce the appearance of wrinkles, shrink varicose veins (true story– totally happened to me!), and reduce joint aches and pains.

Both as a holistic healthcare provider and personally, I’ve seen it do amazing things for my patients and myself!

The goal with collagen is to get one that tastes good (some of them smell like stinky feet!) and dissolves easily.

The best ones that I’ve found are the Trim Healthy Mama brand or Great Lakes brand.

3. Ground Golden Flaxseed (that actually tastes good)

I have searched high and low for the best-tasting ground golden flaxseed, and this one is scrumptious! It has a wonderful texture and flavor for baking (and by flavor, I mean that it doesn’t taste like flaxseeds, which is essential for me when I’m making low carb cupcakes!).

It’s light and delicious!

4. Sprouted Pretzels (because we all really want some junk food)

Yah, friend!!! They make sprouted pretzels that totally work in an E setting!! Woot woot!!! I think this is when I decided that Amazon is the BFF of THM– they’ve got our junk food cravings covered!

5. Pyure

Occasionally, I can snag some Pyure sweetener at a better price online than I can get at my local grocery store…

And occasionally, I get busy, run out of Pyure, and don’t want to go to the store again that week but I do want more Trimtastic Cake. Amazon Prime to the rescue!

Because Trim Healthy Mamas need their cake, am I right?!

Be sure to check out Honey, a free shopping app that alerts you to cheaper prices available from different sellers with Amazon!

6. Bai and Zevia Drinks

I love having a special treat on occasion, and Bai drinks or Zevia sodas are absolutely delightful. These are my go-to treats for road trips for a special drink that helps me to avoid Diet Coke/the soda dispenser when we stop for fast food.

Bai comes in multiple flavors and are sweetened with stevia and erythritol. Zevia is a stevia-sweetened soda with lots of popular flavors.

Bai drinks are also perfect for inventing new flavors of Good Girl Moonshine or add gelatin and make some healthy gummie snacks.

7. Whole Wheat Flour

I get both sprouted whole wheat flour and regular whole wheat flour from Amazon. Locally, I can’t seem to find sprouted flour, so Amazon makes it easy to keep the pantry stocked. One Degree is my favorite– it’s has a great taste and texture for making on plan treats.

Sprouted flour, however, is a lot more expensive than regular whole wheat flour. I often buy this whole wheat flour and use it to make easy, sourdough-style bread and pizza dough– you can get more details in this post HERE!

After trying a bunch of different whole wheat flours, we like the King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour for its light texture that tastes really good.

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8. Baobab For An All-Natural Energy Boost

We love this delicious, light-tasting Baobab powder! It dissolves great in drinks, and I can even drink it without sweetener (it’s better with some stevia, but I can manage without it).

Baobab is great for increasing your energy levels naturally! It’s full of not only iron but also vitamin C, which helps your body to be able to absorb the iron. It’s caffeine free but will increase your energy levels without making you feel jittery. And it has a delicious citrus-y flavor that goes great in smoothies like this one.

9. Super Fine Almond Flour

Wanna make your baked goods more light and fluffy like their unhealthy, fattening white flour counterparts without all the weight gain? Then you need some super fine almond flour in your pantry!

When I first started with THM, I used Trader Joe’s almond meal because it was cheap. It has a nice flavor, but my baked goods never seemed to really rise or have a good crumb.

Enter this almond flour, and now I’ve got great taste and textures in my on plan treats!

10. Trim Healthy Mama Products

Overall, I think that Trim Healthy Mama Products are cheaper right from the THM store… for the products themselves! And don’t worry– you’re still supporting the THM Sisters with your purchases. Trim Healthy Naturals is their Amazon presence (I used to worry that maybe they wouldn’t get “credit” if I bought their stuff from Amazon).

So, at first glance, the list price of a THM product on Amazon is higher than the list price at their store. Shipping, however, is free with Amazon Prime while the THM shipping can be quite pricey depending on where you live.

For me, the Amazon price is usually $1-$2 more expensive…. except that I usually get things for FREE from Amazon.

Swagbucks is the way that I get free Amazon gift cards most consistently. It’s a FREE site where you answer polls, watch videos, search the internet, and answer surveys to get points that you can redeem for FREE giftcards! Sign up here and get a free $5 giftcard right away! (one year I even got all of our Christmas presents for free with Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks!)

Honey and credit card rewards points are also my other go-to ways to get FREE Amazon gift cards. Check out this post to see all 10 ways that I get Amazon Gift Cards for FREE.

Here’s the THM products that I routinely buy from Amazon:


Baking Blend

I haven’t tried this yet but it’s next on my list because I’ve heard great things (just saving up some Swagbucks points!):

THM Whey Protein

Quick Recap for Amazon Trim Healthy Mama Essentials:

Wanna see the list quick and easy? Here’s a quick recap for my Amazon THM Checklist! I literally just went through my order history on Amazon to show you the things that I use and love!

Part Two- Here’s How I Get THM-Compliant Foods for FREE on Amazon:

Click HERE to read about super easy ways to get free Amazon Gift Cards.

What are your favorite Amazon Trim Healthy Mama finds?

Resources That I Love

…for a healthy body, soul, and bank account:

  1. Get Healthy, On Plan Foods for Less- Thrive Market is like the online Costco for healthy groceries, but you don’t need an annual membership or anything. We love saving money with wholesale prices on healthy groceries and products that get sent right to our home! Snag an extra 25% OFF your first order when you sign up at Thrive Market HERE! 
  2. Save on Healthy Meat– ButcherBox is my new favorite way to buy antibiotic free, grass fed beef, pork, and chicken! It’s cheaper than I can get it in the local stores, and it comes right to my door! Use the code AP10 to get $10 off your first box and FREE nitrate-free bacon!! 
  3. Stay On Plan with THM and Supercharge Your Weight Loss Goals- Staying on plan and losing weight just got a TON easier with this amazing health and wellness planner! As a holistic healthcare provider and 4 year THM vet, I’ve seen how my patients crush their health and weight loss goals when they have the right tools. Grab yours HERE! 

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