Welcome to Early to Bed, Early to Rise! I’m a reformed procrastinator and night owl turned into side hustler and early riser when I learned how powerful early mornings can be! After having children, I realized that it all had to change if I wanted to created a life that I love. If I can do it, anyone can! I would love to join you in creating a healthier, wealthier, more intentional life, too!

A little background… You can think of me as your mom friend with a medical degree. I’m a blogger, wife, momma of 2-ish kids (a toddler and one on the way), a physician assistant, and side hustler. My husband and I are serial entrepreneurs. My medical background includes experience and specialized training in holistic/integrative medicine, emergency medicine, and weight loss.

While I am a health care provider, I’m not your provider, so please always consult your doctor before starting new supplements/diet/exercise/anything risky stuff (most are fine with it but they know your body and medication list ;). Check out my full medical disclaimer here.

I’ve been following the Trim, Healthy Mama eating plan for over 3 years, and I love it! I’ve been at goal weight quite a while, so I often use coconut sugar, honey, or maple syrup as my sweetener, but I urge you to do what’s best for you!! I try to make my recipes easily adaptable to your unique preferences and needs, which is part of what I love about this plan! I’m a drive thru sue in practice during this season of life but a purist at heart!