5 Ways to Get Clothes For Free (Perfect for Weight Loss, Growing Kids, Pregnant Mommas)

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— your kids outgrow their clothes every 2 days (or it feels like)

–you’re losing weight like a boss but you’re not quite at goal weight yet so you don’t want to spring for designer duds

–you’re pregnant and want to dress the bump, but since you need a whole new wardrobe, you probably don’t want to spend a small fortune

These 5 fabulous methods are just the ticket for times like that!

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Consignment Stores

If you have clothes that you no longer wear or things that your kids have outgrown, consignment stores can be a great way to get the clothes that you need.

Take the unwanted things that no longer fit to a consignment store. Some will make you check your items in, and you’ll get paid a portion of the proceeds when they sell. Others, like Once Upon a Child, will pay you cash right away for the clothes.

You can also make money selling your clothes through Swap.com, which works like an online consignment shop. But, a word of caution– they don’t always accept everything, and it can be challenging to get your clothes sent back if they’re not accepted. If you find something that you want to purchase on swap.com, here’s a way to save 20% off your first order. 

You can use your funds from the sale to buy some inexpensive clothes. During these seasons of life when you’re going through clothes quickly, I really like thrift stores or swap.com promos.

Also, some thrift stores have discounts on certain days, so be sure to ask your local ones if they have any specials. When I was pregnant with my first, I found out that one store took 25% off maternity clothes every Thursday– woohoo!

Shopping in Your (or Someone Else’s) Closet

Haha, thmaternity button down shirtis is not what you think! While it might be fun to rummage through a friend’s closet (and maybe you’ve got a friend that you can do this with, which sounds amazing), but I was thinking more along the lines of finding items already in your house. What can you repurpose or alter?

Guys’ closets can be a great source of inspiration! Kids look super-cute wearing one of dad’s old t-shirts as a night gown. Also, my husband has a ton of button down work shirts that he’s owned forever and doesn’t wear. There are some great ways to repurpose them! I totally plan on learning how to smock and making this maternity shirt for myself. And what an adorable little girl dress!

I love this list of 24 super-cute maternity pieces that are re-purposed from stuff that people already have in their closets.

If you have a sewing machine, altering clothes can be a quick and easy way to go! Follow this guide to make it painless and speedy! You can also use these tips to repurpose clothes that are too big and create a new look.

Clothing Credit Card

This one is my absolute favorite! This year alone, we’ve already earned $170 to spend on clothes! If you see me in person, please don’t tell everyone that most of my maternity clothes and the majority of my daughter’s clothes are from Old Navy!

We stumbled upon this method completely by accident, and I have been so thankful ever since! When my husband graduated from school, we were so glad that he got a job.

But, it left us scrambling to get him an entire professional wardrobe– and we didn’t have much money or time! My hubs is also slender and tall, and a 31×34 is a really tough size to find in most department stores. We went to the outlet mall and were able to find him several pairs of pants at one store. We ended up applying for a store credit card to save some cash that day.

It turns out that nice lil card can be used at the whole family of brands, and Old Navy is one of them. It’s also usually the cheapest place to buy clothes, especially when you check out their clearance. I used to go to the store often to redeem my rewards, but lately it’s been easier to buy online. Shipping is free with a $50 or more order, and they frequently run 30% off sales.

Since you’re not trying things on when you buy them online, I’ve found that maternity, kids’ clothes, or work out attire seem easier to buy online since they tend to have some give in the fabric.

I don’t use my card in the store very often, but I tend to use it for recurring big bills, like insurance. They run frequent specials where you get extra points every day that you use your card, and that can add up. Also, some cards offer a 20% bonus every quarter.

You can save even more if you shop online! Before you make your online purchase, get to the Old Navy website through Ebates or Ibotta. They frequently run specials, and you can earn money with them for shopping at Old Navy. Ebates will send you a check every quarter with your earnings, and Ibotta will pay you in gift cards every time you earn $20. You can even get gift cards to do more clothes shopping with!

If you want to try Ebates, you can earn a $10 bonus after your first $25 purchase through this link! 🙂

Ibotta is offering a $10 bonus for signing up here! 🙂

There is one caveat to this– some people don’t do well with credit cards and this might tempt them to overspend! If that’s you, please go Dave-Ramsey style, cut up some credit cards, and totally ignore this and try one of the other methods listed here. I definitely want to help, not hinder, your journey!

For more ways to build a strong financial foundation, check out these 5 steps.


You can find almost anything on Amazon these days, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the cute things I’ve discovered there! My two-year-old and I adore our matching dresses, and my man loves his Clemson socks! This can also be a great place to buy cute kids’ clothes or fitness gear.

Just be careful to read the reviews to get a feel for sizing. Clothes manufactured in China tend to have much smaller sizes, so check to see what others say before ordering.

Now for the fun part– let’s get it for free! Often you can get Amazon gift cards with credit card reward points (most big name cards like Capitol One or Discover will let you do this).

Discover is a great company to work with. Both personally and people we know have had various credit cards, CDs, savings accounts, and even personal loans with them through the years– I’ll have to share our story of how we bought three rental houses with personal loans soon!! They are prompt, offer great fraud protection, fun perks, and the customer service is amazing. If you sign up for a Discover card through this link and make one purchase in the next three months, Discover will give you $50 just for getting started!

But my favorite way to get Amazon gift cards is with Swagbucks! Swagbucks is free to join, and you can earn gift cards through completing simple tasks. You can use their search engine. watch videos, answer surveys, or use coupons with your regular shopping to earn points. The points can add up to rewards, and Amazon gift cards are my preferred reward. I work on Swagbucks when we watch TV in the evenings, and I usually make $25-30 in gift cards a month.

Garage Sales

This one may not be entirely free, but there’s definitely the potential to score some free stuff. At the end of the day (garage sale day, so where we live that’s usually late morning), people are often eager to just get rid of stuff. You might have to buy one or two things, but often people will throw in extra items for free, especially clothes.

When I was expecting our first little princess, we found a fantastic garage sale run by parents with older kids. They were getting rid of a ton of baby gear and clothes, and they threw in a bunch of extra baby girl outfits when we bought their baby bathtub.

These are some of my favorite ways to get clothes for free. 

What works for you to get clothes for free or inexpensively?

How I Get Clothes For Free


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