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Blogging can be an awesome but time-consuming hobby or side hustle. When you add a new baby to the mix, it can seem downright overwhelming. As my due date with Baby #2 rapidly approached, I sent out an SOS in the blogger community to get helps and hints for ways to keep up with baby and a new blog. These 10 amazing bloggers responded to my plea for help and shared their best tips for blogging with a new baby.
In the midst of stockpiling blog posts, freezer meals, and dry shampoo, add these amazing tips to your arsenal to take on that season of life with a new baby and a blog…
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1. McKayla from Motivation For Mom

“Set realistic goals, use a planner, and write down those goals. Try to stock up on posts if you can, so you have some ready for those times you’re just too busy to write them.  Also, getting guest posters would be awesome. On my busiest days I just focus on pinning from my phone, or adding people and commenting/liking people’s posts on Instagram. 

Take Away Points:

  • Have a plan (and a planner) with realistic goals
  • Write some posts in advance
  • Line up some guest posters
  • On busy days– pin from your phone, comment on Instagram posts
If you need a great planner, I use and love this one from Living Well Spending Less!

2. Courtney from Mama in Grace

“I started my blog just shortly after giving birth to my third baby. Life is crazy busy! What I have found best for me is getting ahead on blog posts in general. I breastfeed, and that alone takes the majority of my time. During those times, instead of scrolling through Facebook, I have been writing notes in my notepad on my phone with blog ideas that are fresh on my mind or thoughts that I just want to get out and later edit them for a post. The WordPress app on my phone has made it extremely easy to copy and paste from my notepad into my saved drafts so I can access it on my computer. That’s been my secret. 
 Take away points:
  • While nursing the baby, take notes for blog posts on your phone.
  • Copy and paste those notes to the WordPress app on your phone to access later on your computer.
  • Brilliant!!

 3. Alicia from Already Radiant

“Ideally, a good backlog of posts ready to go scheduled out for a few months will give you the time to rest and recover. If that’s not possible, guest posts are great options.

Also, try using a voice recording app on your phone or the Voice Typing feature (under Tools) in Google Docs to dictate your posts while you’re feeding the baby. Streamline your priorities; as in, pick only one task per day for 1 hour or less of your time, probably done in smaller chunks (for example, write Monday, edit Tuesday, graphics Wednesday, promote on social Thursday, Master task list Friday.) Save big things like new product launches and learning new things until you’re getting sleep again. 

Most important: lower your expectations. Your priorities have shifted a bit temporarily and your #1 job now is to take care of yourself and your little one. If posts are less frequent or lower quality that is TOTALLY OKAY! You can always go back and update your posts later when you have a bit more time. Keep things moving along if you can, but don’t feel badly if things aren’t up to your usual standards. Let yourself off the hook from the beginning so you never doubt that taking whatever kind of break you need is OKAY and VERY GOOD. You have what you need, things are happening the way they should, and you are doing your best. It will all still be there ready for you when you get back.

Good luck, mama!”

Take Away Tips:
  • Stockpile posts before baby if possible; try to line up some guest posts.
  • Dictate posts or ideas on your phone. (LOVE this one!!!)
  • Pick one blog task per day.
  • Lower your expectations for your blog– remind yourself that taking care of your family and loving on your new baby are your priorities right now! 🙂

4. Rachel from Creative Homemaking

I was pregnant with and raised twins while running my blog, and my twins were 4 when the youngest was born. While I was pregnant I got enough articles written that I scheduled out newsletters for at least a month or more so I wouldn’t have to do anything for first month after baby was born. That’s why having an email list is so important, then I didn’t have to rely on social media so much. Then after the first month I would recycle old content or use guest posts to avoid writing as long as possible. There have been times when I didn’t really work for months and still made money. Give yourself a break and when you can get as much done as you possibly can. Years down the road it becomes easier and easier when you have more content to recycle and re-purpose. 
 Take away points:
  • Focus on your email list.
  • Write one month of email newsletters in advance, and schedule them to be sent out the first month so you can take a break.
  • After the first month, use guest posts and recycle old content.
  • It gets easier! (especially when you have lots of posts to work with!)

5. Carly from Mommy on Purpose

 “Promotion over creation.”
Boom. Mic drop.
Seriously, though, I absolutely love this one! I’m planning on setting this as the background on my tablet and phone to make it my new mantra. 🙂

6. Caroline from CarolineVencil.com

“My big thing would definitely be to ask people to guest post on your site. It’s less work for you, and you are still getting fresh content out there.

Another thing to do is round-up posts. You can do those using Facebook groups to find them or you can go to Pinterest and find posts that fit that category and ask the owner of the post if it’s ok to use. (Being PC with that one… this has been a hot issue of late with stolen pins or innocently used pins that were hijacked to use as a pin for the roundup post. But, true story – I’ve NEVER had someone tell me to take their post out of a roundup. It’s good press/ publicity for them.)

These posts that are easy to share and take very little work from you make a HUGE difference! 

 Take away points:
  • Guest posts are a great thing!
  • Love this one– create round up posts. Check out more info here to make sure that you’re doing it right!

7. Jo and Leisa from JoLeisa.com

“I agree with Caroline that you could ask for guest posts. There are lots of mommy bloggers who would be willing to ‘cover’ for you in exchange for a link back to their site.
Other suggestions are:
1. Do what you can during naptimes.
2. Document your experiences in a journal and those could become posts later on and
3. Take lots of photos, Later on you can turn those into pretty awesome blog posts that will have your readers oo-ing and aah-ing and drooling. Lol. Take care of you and enjoy the time with your bundles.”
Take away points:
  • Guest posts for the win!
  • Work during naptime.
  • Jot down new mommy experiences to turn into posts later.
  • Take tons of baby photos to share when you’re getting sleep again!

8. Michelle from Good for Mama

“My absolute best strategy has been babywearing! I get most of my best blogging done standing at the kitchen bench or outside while my toddler plays in the yard, wearing Bubba when he’s often otherwise crankiest . I’m hoping to write up a post about it too.”

Take away points:

  • Invest in an amazing baby carrier.
  • Wear baby for some hands-free writing!

Love this one! Here’s my current favorite baby wrap that looks pretty with my post partum wardrobe (and covers my new-momma tummy 😉 and didn’t break the bank!

9. Sarah from I Heart Frugal

“I have two boys, ages 3 & 5 (2&4 when I started blogging). My best advice is to be realistic. I tried posting two times per week but it was too stressful, so I cut back to one. I also use any free time I can get. When I sit with my boys at bedtime, I’m either writing, finishing FB threads, or watching/reading/listening to blogging training!”
Take away points:
  • Don’t stress yourself out! Be realistic.
  • Work on things when you’re sitting quietly with the kiddos.

10. Alaya from Hope and Cents

“I have a 4-month-old, so I’m still figuring this out…my tips are:

1. Throw out the idea that you’ll have hours to work in one sitting and get comfortable with working in small increments of time.

2. Know what you want to work on so that you maximize those increments of time.

3. Be flexible and give yourself grace (Some days will be productive and others, not so much.)

4. Don’t sleep while the baby sleeps, work while the baby sleeps.

5. Learn how to work with baby sleeping on you. 

6. Pin or do other tasks on your phone when you’re up with baby during the night.”

I love this list! My littlest just turned 5 weeks, and this perfectly describes my life and lack of routine/schedule.
I’m using Rosemarie’s 10 Hour Time Block Schedule as a loose framework to keep me on track with Alaya’s #2 suggestion. Rosemarie is a super-successful blogger who grew her blog and income from $18/month to over $20,000/month in just a 18 months working only 10 hours a week!

Blogging with a New Baby

These 10 awesome mama bloggers share their top tips for blogging with a new baby. If they can do it, you totally can, too!

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