3 Ways to Get Your Real Life Ready For Your Blog Launch

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Getting your blog ready to launch is such an exciting time! But, it can also be utterly time-consuming as you navigate the ropes of setting up your new blog, its theme, landing pages, email sign ups– whew!

You almost want a vacation from your new blog baby when you’re done. But, you’ll also be totally hooked so that won’t happen. 😉

Is your real life ready for the time investment that your new blog may take? Here’s a few easy things to get your real life ready to launch your blog!

1. Meal Prep

I know this one seems a little funny at first glance, but when you’re launching a new blog, it’s all you want to do until it’s set up. And if you’re not-so-techie like me, set up can take several days.

I found myself snatching bits of time early in the morning, when my toddler napped, and in between bites at lunch cramming in work on my blog. Then, I realized as I launched that I needed certain posts that I had not yet written to complement my handful of prepared posts, so I was even scrambling to get some content out.

It would have been amazing to have prepared my kitchen before the big launch day! If I had it to do over, I would make a small army of freezer meals ready to deploy from my freezer to my crockpot. I would also have made and frozen a week or two’s worth of Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal or Overnight Stuffed French Toast for quick breakfasts when I was up working in the early morning quiet.

I did actually prep my coffee the night before, and it was incredibly helpful to just stumble out of bed and simply have to turn the coffee maker on each morning. I’m also using my Instant Pot a ton on the days when I forget about my crockpot meal until 4pm!

My hubby loves sweets, so I probably should have made some healthy cheesecake (recipe coming soon!) or brownies beforehand to remind him of my love. Lol, I was rather distracted launching a blog, so this definitely would have gotten me brownie points.  Sorry- I couldn’t resist the pun!

If you need some make-ahead meal suggestions, low fat Turkey, Black Bean, Sweet Potato Chili is one of our favorite meals that freezes well. We also love my low carb Easy Eggplant Lasagna. That one can be made several days in advance, and leftovers freeze well. I haven’t prepped it and frozen it uncooked before (which is easy to do with a regular lasagna). If you give it a try, let me know!

2. Schedule Special Times with the Real People in Your Life

Seriously, a blog launch can be quite consuming. Before you officially launch, schedule some special events with your loved ones. Maybe set up a play date with your best friend and their kiddos, or make reservations for dinner with your family somewhere. Try to make arrangements to do something that will get you out of your house or home office. Bonus points if it includes some physical activity. Haha, my blog launch workout mainly consisted of toting my laptop around the house!

Having something already in place will give you some predetermined breaks in the midst of working on launching your blog. It will also give you some quality time with the people that you love. This can give your brain a chance to use different parts of your cerebral cortex. You may even find that it sparks new ideas and enhances your creativity.

Ideally, this can help you to create some semblance of balance in your life as you work hard at your new blog. It’s a great way to connect with those that are most important in your life, and many people who launch a blog (especially one that they plan to monetize) do so because they want to spend more time with their loved ones!

3. Have a Good Plan (and a great planner)

I’m not always the most organized, but a blog launch is the perfect time to use all your organizational abilities! Having set work times and a plan for each one of them will keep you on track.

Living Well Planner

This is the planner that I use and love!

There are tons of great planning tools out there! Suzi over at Start a Mom Blog has TONS of great tips for using a bullet journal and getting things done! The planner that I use is seen in the pic on the left. You can also use a regular calendar, an app, or whatever scheduling method works best for you.

The important thing is to map out what needs to be done and when (to the best of your ability) to have something to follow throughout your launch. It can keep you on track and help you avoid distractions during that busy time.

For more tips about staying on track with your new blog, check out 8 Ways to Stay on Track When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed as a New Blogger. 

Bonus Tip: A Mini To Do List Before You Launch:

Get your blog ready beforehand. I like to save money, and with blogging, that translates into wanting as much done as possible before paying for something. It helps me to feel like I’m getting the full value of my investment.

Before you actually launch, try writing 10-20 posts. I also recommend practicing with Canva and have at least one social media image per post, and 2 per post is better. Write your About Me page, a Disclosure (if you’re monetizing), and a Privacy Policy.

Take this time to also start a to do list for after launch, which can include things that you need your url for, like applying for affiliates, linking up your social media, applying to group Pinterest boards, etc.

If you want to start a blog but haven’t taken the plunge yet, consider going with Siteground for your web hosting. Self hosting your blog (instead of going through a free site like Blogger or wordpress.com) means that you own your little spot on the internet. Going with a free platform runs the risk of being shut down at random, and you don’t want to risk losing your hard work! I’ve been very pleased with Siteground, and it was incredibly easy to install WordPress and fairly easy to get started blogging (I’m super non-techy, so this is a reflection on me not them ;). Their prices are competitive, and they are known for their fast-loading sites and prompt customer service.

What things help you to keep your real life running smoothly

while launching or working on your blog?


3 Ways to Get Your Real Life Ready Before You Launch Your Blog

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